There are a number of template emails that Sapling can send to your team - including Company Emails, Platform Emails and Custom Alerts - you can learn about and review all these emails here.

Customizing your New Hire Onboarding Invitations

To edit your New Hire Email Templates, go to Admin > Settings > Emails. 

Your account will come configured with a Default Email based on US hires. You can edit Default Email to change what your team members will receive by default, or if you want team members to receive different versions based on their Location, Department, or Employment Type, you can create a New Email Template.

The email templates can then be selected on Step #5 of the onboarding process.

Inserting Tokens

When you're editing or creating new emails, remember that you can pull in custom tokens from Sapling in the new hire onboarding process. 

For example, if you want the New Hire Invitation email to start with "Hey First-Name" you can enter "Hey_" and then a token for "First Name". During the new hire onboarding process, the email will automatically pull in the new hire's first name. 

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