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Otherwise - here is what you need to know as a Manager.

1. You'll be Cc'd on the new hire onboarding invitation by People operations

At the beginning of your new hires onboarding, your new hire will be invited to complete Pre-boarding, which is designed to help them learn about their new organization, and collect all their data for their profile.

Here's an example of the New Hire email (which you'll typically be Cc'd on).

The New Hire will then complete their pre-boarding, and you can learn more about preboarding here.

2. Make sure you Complete your New Hire Information Form

If any information is required from you, you’ll be sent a New Hire Form to complete. The link in the email will take you a webform where you'll be able to enter any information that the People Operations team needs to collect to ensure the new recruit can start contributing from day-one. 

This form can also be completed within Sapling from the manager's team page. 

3. Ensure your team is making progress

At the heart of team members transitions is the collaborative and effective completion of Activities. 

You can monitor and support your new hire's activities by viewing your Team Page and viewing their Tasks.

4. Support and coach your new hires to continually improve

During the team members onboarding process, a good manager is as much of a coach as they are a supervisor. 

You should be providing feedback and helping your new hire be successful by providing comments and support on their onboarding activities. 

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