Sapling leverages ADP’s Applicant Onboard API which allows Sapling to send applicants (and all information collected by Sapling) into ADP’s New Hire Wizard within ADP Workforce Now. 

This then allows an ADP admin to login, confirm/ enrich the applicant data and then complete the new hire in the ADP onboarding wizard itself.  

The Sapling<>ADP integration also synchronizes employee profiles based on the employee’s work email address.

#1. You will subscribe to Sapling on ADP Marketplace.

#2. You will receive an email to provide consent to Sapling

#3. In the Pending Consents list, find Sapling and click the Manage button.

A Consent Request screen appears, showing the app name and all of the permissions requested.

#4.Confirm File Numbers can be automatically set-up

In ADP, confirm that File Numbers are set to be automatically be created by going to Setup > Tools > System Options > Payroll > Standard Options.

You will need to select Auto-assign Next File # on New Hires

#5. We'll then need to enable the default Hire/ Rehire template

This is to ensure your team has final approval for new hires created.

You'll need to go to Template Management, then ensure that you have final approval which can be edited in the Name Template step.

#6. Confirm that defaults are set for the State Worked In and SUI/SDI State fields. 

You will be able to adjust this default on an employee's profile in ADP once they are added to ADP. 

This can be found in Setup > Payroll > Company Options and select a State Worked in and SUI/SDI State option

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