Co-signed documents are signed by the New Hire and an Assigned Representative in your organization. If you're looking to add, edit or remove you Assigned Representative - please speak to your Sapling Customer Success Manager.

How it Works?

Just like the standard document set-up process,  you will then be required to ‘Prepare Document for Signing’ which gives you the ability to define the signature and other related fields.

You will need to assign a Signer and Representative (i.e. Co-Signer) field in the document.

The Document is first assigned to the new hire  (either in Preboarding or on their Activity Page) who will receive a notification to complete the document.

Once the document is signed by the Signer (i.e. the New Hire), the Representative is then alerted to Counter-Sign the Document. The Document is also displayed on the Representative's Documents as Countersign Required. 

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