Step #1 - Login to your ADP account and navigate to Setup > Custom Reports > Set Up New

Step #2 - Create a Custom Report

Create a custom report with the specific fields/data that you'd like to have in Sapling.

The fields we typically suggest for existing employees are:

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Title

  4. Start Date

  5. Employment Status (FT, PT, etc)

  6. Company Email

  7. Department (or Business_unit)

  8. Location

  9. Manager (or Reports_to)

We can import additional fields into Sapling (mobile numbers etc.) if beneficial, however the above is what we would suggest for existing employees.

Step #3 - Select Export to CSV

Step #4 - Import CVS into Sapling

Check out our help article on Bulk Data Uploading for step by step instructions on how to import this data into your Sapling account.

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