When onboarding new hires into your organization, People Operations teams often rely on multiple pieces of information that need to be collected from the new hire's manager. 

This often includes items such as:

  • What type of hardware do they need?

  • What will be their seat number?

  • What systems are required?

  • Do they require a company credit card?

Sapling’s Manager Form collects all the information needed directly from the new hire's manager before the new hire starts. 

How it Works?

In the Admin section, Admins will confirm a field on the employee record to be ‘Collect From` from New Hire's 'Manager'.

When the onboarding invitation is sent, the assigned Manager will receive an in-application alert and also an email requesting the new hire information.

When the manager clicks the notification, they be able to easily fill out all of their required information.

Once the Manager Form is complete, the information will be added to the new hire's employee record, and the Admin can receive a notification that the information has been collected. 

For more information on the Manager Form, check out our webinar below!

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