Would you look at that – February already! Didn’t we just celebrate New Year’s 🎉 and get back to work? If you’re anything like us, you’ve been head down focused on big things.

On our end a few of those big things are:

  1. Time off improvements

  2. Profile field approvals

  3. Namely integration enhancements

  4. Field change report improvements

Time off improvements ✈️

Last month we brought you some updates on time off rollovers. This month we continue to level up the time off experience.

We’ve made it easier than ever to set up new time off policies. No more starting from scratch for each time off policy – in just 2 clicks you can duplicate an existing policy and be halfway done! Efficiency achievement unlocked 🔓.

While we were in there, we took the opportunity to rework the time off approval process as well. With our newly refined logic, any managers that might get doubled up in approval chains now only need to approve it one time, saving you time and keeping their notifications in check.

Want to learn more about the Time Off add-on? Check out the details here.

Profile field approvals ✅

If you’ve ever wanted to let employees update their info without losing track of what is going on, then have we got a gift 🎁 for you.

Our Track and Approve add-on now gives your employees the freedom to update their profiles while you maintain control over the process. All you need to do is add approval chains to Profile tables to track any changes your team makes.

Our only question is – what are you going to do with all the time you’ll save?

Don’t have our Track and Approve add-on yet? Eliminate manually tracking employee data in spreadsheets. No more wondering what’s going on. No more chasing people down for approvals.

Check this out to learn more.

Namely Integration Enhancements

When it comes to getting the most out of your time, flexibility and customization are key.

Our latest Namely integration enhancements let you create profiles in Namely using our Location, Department and Employment Status filters.

Imaging hiring a temporary contractor that doesn’t need a profile created. Simply select the appropriate filters and create only the profiles you want and need.

Field change report improvements

Limited data can be almost the same as no data. It leaves us with an incomplete picture that's either confusing or has us losing time trying to find a manual work around.

We’ve made some changes to our field change reports to give you as much information as we have – all in one place. When you run the Field Changes History report, you are able to see all historical data for your chosen data points.

That’s it for this month. Time to get back to releasing more updates to share next month 🗓️.

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