*Blink* *Blink* And just like that, 2021 is in the history books - welcome 2022! With a new year comes new opportunities to grow, and we’ve got a great round of updates to share with you this month!

Here are the noteworthy updates we’ve made to Sapling:

  1. Time Off Rollover Improvements

  2. Creating Approval Chains on Profile Information

  3. Multi-ATS Support

  4. Sapling Webhooks with Zapier

Read on to find out what’s new!

1. Time Off Rollover Improvements ⏰

We surveyed our customers and found that nearly three quarters of you have rollovers on your time off policies! That spurred us into action to improve the time off experience with rollover information visible throughout the whole process - from request to reporting.

Now your team will see additional information in both the time off request and the approved messages across email, slack, and in Sapling! Best of all, you’ll be able to easily run reports on rollover balance, to keep a pulse on how much rollover your team might have before it expires.

Rollover is inclusive to the balance, meaning, if their total balance is 100 hours and their rollover balance is 50, they do not have a balance of 150 but rather a balance of 50 normal hours + 50 rollover hours = 100 hours.

Don’t yet have the Time Off add-on? Read here to learn more

2. Creating Approval Chains on Profile Information ⛓️

If you’ve wanted to have more control over profile information changes from your team in Sapling, today is your lucky day! We are currently in beta to set up approval chains whenever profile information is changed. If you aren’t already a part of the beta, respond to this email and we can get you up and running right away.

Setting up approval chains on your team member Profile information works just like approval chains on your Job Detail information. You can assign multiple levels, adjust the process mid-flight if needed, and check on the status of all approvals from your Dashboard. Letting team members update their own Profile information with approval chains in place ensures you never miss an address, bank detail, emergency contact, or any other change again.

You need to have the Track and Approve add-on in order to join the profile approval chains beta.

3. Multi-ATS Support 🖐️

Do you have multiple instances of Lever ATS, or maybe your team is growing and you have more than one ATS, like Lever plus Greenhouse? Then this update is for you! You can now set up more than one Application Tracking System integration within Sapling and all new hires will feed directly into the Pending Hires bay.

You don’t have to do anything special - just navigate to the Integrations page and activate any and all ATS your company is using. Want help setting things up? Check out our integrations guides.

4. Webhooks with Zapier are even more powerful!

You’ve shared, we listened! You can now apply any Sapling webhook with Zapier - allowing you to connect to the 3000+ other apps in the Zapier ecosystem. Interested in setting up your first webhook? Check out our latest article to add “no code” webhooks in Sapling!

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