Hope you all had a productive September. Was it just us, or did it feel like it flew by? Over here at Sapling, we took that September fresh-start energy and channeled it into our latest set of updates.

We’re giving you tools to make you more efficient, more PTO and reporting updates, along with some updated permissions.

  1. Approval Chains

  2. Dashboard Cleanup

  3. Time Off Reports

  4. Time Off Policy Adjustments

  5. Offboarding SuperAdmins

Read on and find out what’s new!

Approval Chains: Update your approval process on the fly

Life moves fast, and so does your team. Sometimes you need some extra visibility to manage the changes that are happening all around you. Now, when you’re requesting a change to a table in Sapling, you can edit different steps on the fly in order to better suit the situation at hand.

For example, maybe you need to make a compensation change. When you “Request Change”, certain users will have the option to “Review approvals” as well.

If the steps don’t match your real-life situation, you can adjust them as you go. In the example below ⬇️, you can see how easy it is to remove someone from the approval chain and add the correct approver.

Quick tip: If you want to try this out, you’ll need permissions to edit the Profile Setup.

Dashboard Cleanup: A few changes to your Dashboard for more clarity

We have some exciting future updates planned for the Dashboard that gives you total visibility across your team members in Sapling. To get started, we’ve adjusted a few items to make it easier for you to understand what you see.

  • Counts now specify if they include tasks or documents

  • Counts and lists don’t include inactive users anymore. (That’s anyone past the final offboarding stage.)

Tell us how we can make things even clearer by sharing your ideas in our Feedback Portal!

Time Off Reports: Fewer clicks to save and schedule your reports

Bid a not-so-fond farewell to rework with the new default settings in Time Off reports. Now, when you create a Time Off report, all your Time Off fields are automatically pre-selected, ensuring all the key information will be in your report when it arrives.

💡Pro Tip Save even more time by scheduling your reports in advance.

Time Off Policy Adjustments: Clear visibility into balance changes

Trying to figure out how your team is earning and accruing time off can make you feel like you want some time off yourself. We wanted to give you a better way to see exactly how things are working and when things change.

Adjustments now display with the policy name and effective date of the adjustment in each team member’s Time Off table. Time saved is not exactly the same as time off, but we hope it helps you out.

Offboarding SuperAdmins: Keeping that super power secure

They say great power and great responsibility go hand in hand, and if you’re a SuperAdmin, you have plenty of both. To make sure that your small but mighty teams with only one SuperAdmin aren’t left without an in-house Sapling guru, we’ve added a permission change to ensure SuperAdmins can be offboarded only by other SuperAdmins.

So if you’re a SuperAdmin who is moving on to your next adventure (and we’ll miss you if you are!), rest assured, someone will be there to take over the day to day Sapling tasks.

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