The Sapling team has been tackling a few customer-suggested improvements over the past month: new integrations, new approval chains, improved reports ... all kinds of good stuff we wanted to share. Read on for all the latest Sapling product updates!

  1. More flexibility in your PTO reports

  2. Updates to Track and Approve

  3. Integration power-ups: Okta, Zapier, Kallidus

More flexibility in your PTO reports

Configuring your PTO reports is easier than ever with new dropdowns that break PTO requests into the increments you’ll often need for uploading into your payroll solution. You can now choose to format the data in your report by the entire date range, weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly date ranges. Pay every two weeks? A bi-weekly formatting option is in the works!

Once that bi-weekly option is available, you’ll be able to specify the payroll end date for your bi-weekly period.

Updates to Track and Approve

Track & Approve helps you capture unlimited custom data in Sapling’s Job Details tables along with optional approval chains for managing any requested changes.

We’ve recently rolled our new Approvals Dashboard for Track & Approve out of beta. Thanks to your feedback we’ve included both Upcoming and Historical views and expanded the Previously Approved Requests report to include field level data (depending on your permissions).

What’s next for Track & Approve? Later this summer we’ll be expanding the team member information changes you can wrap into approval chains. All data on the Profile page for team members will include the ability to apply approvals for requested changes, giving you peace of mind on address, tax, work from home schedule, or any other Profile page changes.

If your company is still tracking team member data in spreadsheets, send us an email at or reach out to your CSM to discuss how Track & Approve can help!

Integration power-ups: Okta, Zapier, Kallidus

Okta & Sapling

Sapling’s Okta integration feeds new hires and important team member updates to your identity provider. Previously, Sapling would send changes to Okta for all the users who were provisioned in Sapling, but not for the rest 😞

Now, any changes you make in Sapling will flow through to nearly two dozen Okta fields no matter where you originally provisioned your team members. So. Much. Easier. 😃

To learn more about the Okta integration improvements, check out our Knowledge Base article.

Zapier & Sapling

We’re excited to announce a powerful new integration with Zapier. Using Sapling’s Webhooks, Zapier connects your Sapling account to thousands of different web apps and automates workflows. Set up a Zap and start using Zapier to search Sapling and send job details updates to other apps, including popular platforms like Google Sheets and Microsoft Teams.

Learn how to set up this integration through our Knowledge Base article. Our Zapier integration is in beta so please send us your thoughts in our Feedback Portal.

Kallidus & Sapling

You might remember we recently joined forces with Kallidus to extend Sapling’s award-winning People Operations Platform into human capital management capabilities like learning and performance management.

We’re excited to announce new integrations within the Kallidus suite to eliminate data entry and streamline your team member process from new hire to high flyer. Our integrations with Kallidus Recruit, Kallidus Learn, and Kallidus Perform can be enabled directly from the Sapling Integrations page and in coordination with your CSM.

Check out the Knowledge Base article or send us an email at to find out how the Kallidus suite can support your company’s people practices.

👀 In case you missed it

We had an amazing turnout at our most recent webinar discussing 'Post Pandemic Trends Driving Innovation in Recruiting and Onboarding' with our partners at Codility and our very own Sarah Sylvain. Missed it? 👉 Watch the recap now

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