To add the Time Off Add-on to your account, contact

💡 Sapling Pro tips

  • You can have an infinite number of policies in Sapling, we do not charge for how many policies you have setup

  • Unlimited Vacation is the new black, and we can support policies across limited and unlimited accruals for some or all of your team members

  • Create policies just for your executive teams so that they aren't constrained by the same policies that your team uses

  • You can setup and schedule weekly reports into a google sheet, and then setup visuals against that constantly updating data to see trends in team requests

  • Connect Sapling Time Off to Slack and your managers can send commands like /sapling team to see a detailed breakdown of their team or /sapling out to get a quick snapshot of who is out for the day

Already have Time Off Add-on and looking to learn more? Check out the knowledge base article here

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