Happy Q2! We’re kicking off this new quarter with a few quick wins along with some updates on bigger projects in the works 💪

Also, a quick heads up: Team Sapling will be out of office this Friday, April 9th for a Family & Friends day. Looking forward to coming back refreshed and ready to best support you on Monday, April 12!

📊 Deeper insights on approved change requests

For Sapling customers leveraging our Track & Approve add-on to keep tabs on key employee data – we’ve added a simple way to view all changes that have been approved in the past.

By navigating to the Pending Approvals dashboard you’ll now see the option to have all “Previously Approved Requests” emailed to you in CSV format with details on what change was requested, who requested it, and who approved it (CSV example here).

This is particularly useful if you need to provide specific examples of the change request process to auditors, helping you to fulfill compliance needs in one easy click.

Don’t have our Track & Approve module, but still want to look at historical data? As always, you can view individual change history directly from a team member’s profile by navigating to Job Details > Change History.

Curious to see how Track & Approve can help you eliminate manually tracking key employee data and chasing people down for approvals? Send us an email at accounts@trysapling.com to learn more!

🔮 Retroactively assign tasks based on key dates

As you iterate on the internal processes that work best for you and your team, Tasks in Sapling Workflows are naturally subject to consistent updates.

Now, when you add new tasks to existing Workflows, you can retroactively assign those tasks to any team members currently in those Workflows with flexibility on when to notify them of this task.

For example: Let’s say your team adds a task to an existing Onboarding workflow that helps showcase your team culture – i.e. a task for new hires to “Add your favorite song to our team Spotify Playlist.”

​For all existing new hires going through the Onboarding workflow when you create this task, you can ensure they are notified at the right time by adjusting the “Assign on” date (versus historically only being able to retroactively assign the task immediately as you create it).

🗓 Coming up next

  • Webhooks Beta is in full swing...with some epic results we can’t wait to share next release! Learn more on our Webhooks documentation about what type of information we can send to your broader HR tech stack (or pass to your IT team who may be able to help)

  • Gusto Integration Beta is in the final testing stages, with a full release expected by the end of April 2021

  • Bulk Data Uploader 2.0 is also in the final testing stages, and will serve as a way to accurately and efficiently upload your own team member data records (with a new ability to mass upload pending hires)

  • Dashboards 2.0 is in the design phase, and we’d love to get your feedback on what insights we could add to best support your day-to-day. 2 min survey here!

✨Feature of the week: Offboarding with Sapling

While we are well known for our red carpet Onboarding solution – Offboarding in Sapling helps you create the same consistent, scalable, and repeatable process for employees at the end of their journey as well.

Watch our 1.5 minute overview of how to streamline your Offboarding process to stay compliant, automate all offboarding tasks, and ensure a seamless handoff to best support departing team members on their next adventure.

👀 In case you missed it

Join our first joint webinar with our new parent company (Kallidus) 🥰 where our very own Head of Product Brian Craft will be discussing how to Inspire an Empowered Learning Culture!

Until next time,
Team Sapling

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