Sapling can sync new hire data with your Gusto account, saving your HR, People Operations, and Payroll manual data entry and removing the risk of errors, while providing a great new hire experience.

With the Gusto integration, Sapling will:

  1. Create Users: When a user completes their Sapling profile, they will automatically be created in Gusto.

  2. Update User Attributes: When a user attribute is changed in Sapling, the corresponding user profile in Gusto will automatically be updated.

  3. Deactivate Users: When a user is offboarded in Sapling, the corresponding user in Gusto will automatically be dismissed.

How It Works

Setting up the Integration

Data Flow Overview

Setting up the Integration Step by Step

Step #1. Enable the Gusto Integration in Sapling

  1. Navigate to the Integrations → Payroll → Gusto

  2. Enable the Gusto Integration

  3. Select on Connect to Gusto (If you do not have a Gusto account and interested in one, select on Start one here)

Step #2. Connect your Gusto account to Sapling

  1. You will be redirected to log into your Gusto Account

  2. Enter your email address and password to sign in

  3. You will see a pop to authorize account → Select on Authorize

Step #3. Confirm the Integration settings

  1. Once authorized you will be redirected back to Sapling

  2. You will see a message indicating the connection was successful

  3. Select your Company

  4. Review the filters and make your selection

  5. Select on Next → Active


Gusto makes it easy to pay, insure, and support your hard-working team as a small-market-focused payroll and benefits HR software vendor.

Integration Fields

Sapling is continually expanding the number of fields that sync between Sapling and Gusto. Here is a full list of Sapling and Gusto Integration Fields.

  • Here is a full list of Sapling and Gusto Integration Fields.

Key Factors to be aware of

Employees and Contractors Management

There are a few limitations around what type of new hire is being onboarded. Gusto is structured where you can identify direct employees, individual contractors, and contractors for a business.

To ensure a seamless flow of data:

  • Employees will be synced over after they complete their Sapling profile.

  • Contractors who are businesses will need to be added manually into Gusto, after completing their Sapling profile.

  • Contractors who are individuals can be synced over if their employment status is set to Contractor. If you have other employment statuses to identify them, then they will need to be added manually into Gusto after completing their Sapling profile.

Field Names in Sapling & Gusto

  • To ensure a consistent data flow, once you activate this integration, we'll attempt to match all existing employees between Sapling and Gusto.

  • For the Fields to sync correctly, the naming conventions must match between Sapling and Gusto.

Job Creation in Gusto

  • Job Title, Location, and Start Date must all be present for this data to flow over.

  • If the Location in Sapling and Gusto does not match, then the Job Title and Start Date will not be sent over when the profile is created.

  • The fields above are dependent on one another as per Gusto’s API.

Specific Fields in Sapling

In order for the following fields to sync to Gusto, they must be configured in Sapling as per below.

Pay Frequency (MCQ type field) with these options:

  • Hour

  • Week

  • Month

  • Year

Flsa Status (MCQ type field) with these options:

  • Salary/No Overtime

  • Salary/Eligible For Overtime

  • Paid by the hour

Pay Rate (Currency type field)

Filters in Sapling

Sapling supports filtering, and allows you to identify what users you want to keep synced based on the following:

  • Location

  • Department

  • Employment Status

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