After a few weeks of focusing on under-the-hood updates to better support you in the months ahead, our team is delighted to be back in action with a couple of exciting updates:

  • Google OUs/Groups – This integration now refreshes every 24 hours to ensure your OUs/Groups are always up to date

  • Q2 Planning – A sneak peek at our upcoming Webhooks launch, Gusto integration, & new Kallidus-fueled features

  • Feature of the week – How to get help from our team when you need it

  • In case you missed it – Check out our webinar recording on How HR can leverage data/technology to empower managers during unprecedented times

♻️ Google OUs: Now featuring a daily data sync

Last year, we took our G Suite integration capabilities to the next level by introducing the ability to auto-add new hires to their associated Google Groups or Organizational Units (OUs).

Now, this integration refreshes every 24 hours – ensuring that any updates your Google Admin makes to group emails will reflect for all new hires being onboarded through Sapling 🎉

Google OUs/Groups in a nutshell → Let’s say a new hire is joining your Marketing team in Belgium. Once Sapling provisions their new Gmail account, we can now add them to their associated Google Groups like,, etc.

Bonus – if you’re looking to enable this integration and need extra information to share with your IT team, here’s a template you can share.

🔮 A sneak peak at our Q2 plan

With the new quarter starting off next week, we’re excited to share a preview of what to expect from our team in the upcoming months.

🎣 Webhooks launch

The wait is almost over...Sapling Webhooks are in beta and a world of infinite integration possibilities is ahead!

For anyone new to Webhooks: this feature essentially opens the floodgates for what information Sapling can share with other key tools in your HR tech stack.

For example – let’s say you’re using Slack as your internal communication tool. By setting up a “job details change” webhook, if a team member moves departments in Sapling, your webhook could notify Slack to post a message about the move. 🤯

Interested to try webhooks? We’d love to have you join our beta group – send us an email at to learn more.

♺ Gusto integration

The highly anticipated V1 version of this integration is slated to launch next month, sending 13 key fields of data from Sapling to Gusto to save your team time and reduce duplicate data entry.

Interested to try the Gusto integration? Beta testing is also open for current Gusto users – join the beta by emailing us at

💜 New Kallidus product suite offerings

Following the Kallidus <> Sapling merger earlier this year, our team has been working hard behind the scenes to launch integrations with 3 of their most powerful tools: Learn, Perform, and Recruit. 💃

Want to learn how the Kallidus integrations can support your team? Email to learn more!

✨Feature of the week: How to get help from our team

We know managing complex People processes can sometimes get tricky – and our team is here to help. Here are the two best ways to get in touch:

  1. Have a problem you’re not sure how to solve? The fastest way to get in touch with our support team is through our in-app chat, or by sending an email to (both go directly to our support queue). Even if you have a dedicated CSM, looping in our support team early on helps us put you in touch with the right people as quickly as possible.

  2. Have an excellent idea on how to improve or add to your Sapling Experience? Our Product Team is eager to hear from you! Head on over to our feedback portal to share your ideas, upvote ideas from your peers, and see what our Product team is working on next.

👀 In case you missed it

Catch our recent discussion with leaders from Figma & Charthop on How HR can leverage data/technology to empower managers during unprecedented times [on-demand webinar].

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