Ensuring you're aware of planned or unplanned times when Sapling may not be available is important to keep your people operations running smoothly.

Fortunately, we've added several options to keep that information easily available. You can see the status of Sapling in three ways:

  1. Sapling's public status page

  2. In-app alerts

  3. Email alerts

Sapling's public status page

You can see real-time updates on any planned or unplanned outages by visiting https://status.saplingapp.io/ .

  • Important notices are displayed at the top of the page

  • Next, you'll find the detailed status of every Sapling component

  • Finally, you'll see historical system metrics

In-app alerts

If our teams post about a planned maintenance period or an unplanned incident (e.g. our scheduled email service is running on a delay), you'll see an in-app alert show up in Sapling itself, near the upper right corner of the page.

Click View latest updates to see the full details, or click the "X" to dismiss the message.

Email alerts

Optionally, you can also subscribe to receive email alerts from Sapling when a planned or unplanned outage is posted.

  1. Click Subscribe to Updates and enter your email address

  2. You'll receive a confirmation email requiring you to confirm access to your email address

  3. That's it! You'll now receive an email notification when incidents are posted

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