E-Verify is an online verification system run by the US Citizenship and Immigration department (USCIS) to instantly confirm work eligibility for US-based employees. E-Verify is voluntary for most companies - but can be extremely helpful to have in the event of an audit from USCIS.

While we don't have E-Verify built directly into our platform quite yet, we do offer a simple workaround to ensure that the check happens within the required 3 days of an employee starting their new job. Check out the video below for a high level summary:

E-Verify Workaround with Sapling

Navigate from Home > Workflows and select the Onboarding workflow you use for US-based team members.

In that workflow, add an E-Verify reminder task to a member of your People Team with a due date of 3 days after the new hire start date. This will notify the assigned HR team member that it is time to run the E-verify check.

In the task description, include task tokens to quickly pull the exact new hire information you need (i.e. name, SSN, address, DOB) to input on the free government verification site, e-verify.gov.

The information displayed in the task tokens is pulled directly from a new hire's I-9 form they are required to fill out during the preboarding process, ensuring this information is up to date.

Once your HR team member inputs the new hire's information and confirms it via the free e-verify.gov check, they can complete the task – giving you a record that this was completed during the legally required time frame.

To learn more about running E-Verify checks (or to chat with our experts on any questions your might have for your specific use case), feel free to send us an email at help@trysapling.com.

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