Exciting news – Sapling is currently in the process of preparing to update our frontend code (for the curious: we’re shifting from Angular → React). This update is going to help us achieve 3 key goals in 2021: increased product stability, faster load times, and flexibility to support the complete UI refresh we have in the works for later this year 👩‍🎨

To focus on this shift, we’ll be slowing down on new feature releases until we return to our regular release schedule as of Tuesday, March 23rd. For today however, we do have two quick wins to share:

  • For our customers integrated with ADP, we’ll now sync “Manager” in Sapling with the “Reports To” field in ADP (learn more here)

  • Thanks to some great customer feedback, you can now give Sapling Admins permission to perform Bulks Actions from your People Directory (previously restricted to Super Admins only)

Have a great week and as always, feel free to send any questions to help@trysapling.com!

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