Hot on the trail of our big new feature release last month (welcoming Track & Approve as our newest add-on module), our team has been busy building and shipping more updates for you:

  • New integration: Lattice – Bringing the power of Lattice directly into Sapling, helping you streamline provisioning, updating, and de-provisioning team member accounts

  • Improved – Documents & Tasks/Workflow logic

  • Coming up next – Kallidus <> Sapling merger update

  • Feature of the week – Smart Assignment (+ register for our Smart Assignment webinar for a more indepth dive)

  • In case you missed it – Check our the recording from our webinar with 15Five and JazzHR: Embracing Technology in an Ever-Evolving HR Ecosystem

🏆 New Integration: Lattice!

We’re excited to launch our newest performance management integration partner: Lattice 🎉

By connecting Lattice to Sapling, we can now auto-provision new hire accounts, keep them up to date with any changes made to key data stored in Sapling, and de-provision them if your team members are offboarded.

Bonus: Lattice is accessible directly from your Performance Management tab on your Sapling profile, offering quick access to performance data for all team members.

Learn more about the Lattice <> Sapling integration here.

🛠 Improvements


  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain Documents from being selected automatically with Smart Assignment

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from seeing the status of assigned documents

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from seeing the correct Documents when using the Document search bar

Tasks & Workflows:

  • Added the ability to assign a task, workflow, or survey multiple times to the same person for easy repeatability

🔮 Coming up next

Following the exciting news of the Kallidus <> Sapling merger last month, we wanted to share a quick follow-up to answer the question: what’s next?

→ I missed the announcement - what happened and how am I impacted?

On January 1st, 2021 - Sapling announced a merger with UK-based Kallidus, a leading talent management software and eLearning company. We’re eager to see how our combined products can help teams like yours continue to build better companies!

In terms of impact: Sapling is keeping our mission, culture, team and values intact. The only impact to expect is more resources on our end to help us all achieve our goals faster 🚀

→ What new features does this add to your immediate roadmap?

As a first step, we will introduce integrations with Kallidus Learn, Kallidus Recruit, and Kallidus Perform over the next couple months.

If you’re in the market for award-winning eLearning tools, performance management, or recruiting solutions – we’d love to chat about how Kallidus can help support your goals. Send us an email at to learn more.

→ What does this mean for Sapling long term?

Ultimately, all Kallidus products will be embedded directly into our People Ops platform. Our longterm goal is to offer a payroll agnostic, fully automated end-to-end HCM platform experience – powered by the flexibility to integrate with the right tools for your unique company needs.

Thoughts, feedback, or ideas on how to leverage this merger to make your day to day easier? Head to the Feedback Portal to share directly with our Product Team.

✨Feature of the week: Smart Assignment

Smart Assignment takes the guesswork out of onboarding and offboarding by automatically recommending relevant Workflows, Documents, and Profile Templates.

How does Smart Assignment make these recommendations? Whenever you see the option to assign Location, Department, and Employment Status tags in Sapling – you are training our algorithm to understand what to apply, when, and to whom.

Bottom line: the more you train our system by adding Location, Department, and Employment Status tags, the more we can help speed up your admin work and help you build repeatable, scalable processes.

→ Want to learn how to leverage Smart Assignment like a pro? Register for our upcoming Smart Assignment 101 Webinar on 2/18 at 11a PST to join Carlos, our CS Team Lead as he walks through how to optimize your account with Smart Assignment.

👀 In case you missed it

Catch our CEO Andy Crebar’s discussion with leaders from JazzHR & 15Five on how to Embrace Technology in an Ever-Evolving HR Ecosystem [on-demand recording].

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