Happy first release of the new year! We’re excited to share what we’ve been cooking up to start 2021 with a bang 💥

  • New module: Track & Approve – Simplifying how employee data is tracked, updated, and managed via Custom Tables

  • Smart Email Updates – New organization added to the Email Notification tab

  • Improved – Time Off Tracking and Pre-boarding

  • Feature of the week – Google OU’s/Groups

  • In case you missed it – Check out our first live webinar of the year with 15Five and JazzHR: Embracing Technology in an Ever-Evolving HR Ecosystem!

✅ Track & Approve: New module to help easily track changes to team member data

Tracking updates to data stored in Custom Tables on a team member profile (for ex: their Role, Compensation, Employment Status, etc.) can be challenging to keep tabs on – especially if multiple people need to approve when changes are made.

With the launch of Sapling’s Track & Approve module, we’ve added a few key features to help seamlessly manage this process from start to finish. Now, you can:

  • Build unlimited custom tables with unlimited tracked fields customized to your unique needs

  • Leverage pre-built templates to help you track data for common situations like Benefit Elections, Bonus Compensation, Certifications, Equity, + more

  • Create in-depth approval chains for any changes made, with the option to add an unlimited number of approvers (specified by name or role type)

  • *Biggest win* Track all pending approvals via the new Approvals Dashboard

With the introduction of the new Approvals Dashboard, all outstanding approvals can now be viewed and actioned in a single, centralized place.

To access the dashboard, go to Dashboard > Pending Approvals to view approval details or send reminder nudges for any changes stuck in approval limbo.

How this affects you: if you currently use Custom Tables to track your employee data with Sapling, this new module will be automatically added to your account, free of charge 🎉

If you do not currently utilize Custom Tables in Sapling and would like to learn how to add them, please send an email to accounts@trysapling.com to discuss adding this module.*

*note: not currently available for customers leveraging BambooHR, Namely, or Workday as their HRIS due to partner API limitations.

📩 Simplified notification center for Smart Emails

As the cherry-on-top to our recent round of Smart Email improvements, we’ve simplified the Smart Email notification center to be organized by notification type.

Previously called “Platform”, you’ll now find all event-triggered emails in the “Notifications” tab – with newly organized subsections divided into People, Tasks & Documents, Team Insights, and Custom.

​To edit any a notification email, click on the pencil icon ✏️ on the right hand side of the template, make your desired changes, and click Update.

🛠 Improvements

  • Time Off TrackingFixed bug that showed cancelled Time Off requests in the Sapling Calendar

  • Preboarding dataFixed bug that allowed some new hires to complete preboarding even if they had entered incorrect data (missing phone numbers or SSNs that were too short)

✨Feature of the week: Google Groups

For G Suite users (now known as Google Workspace), Sapling allows you to create Google Organizational Units (OUs) and Groups to add users into group email aliases.

For example: a new hire joining as an Executive Assistant may need to be added to the email admin@yourcompany.com in order to receive important communications and notifications sent to that address.

To easily add a new hire to a Google OU/Group, scroll to the bottom of the Step 1 - Create Profile section during onboarding and make a selection from the drop-down list.

​Once selected, your new hire will be automatically added to the specified groups, ensuring the right hires have access to the right group emails from the get go.

👀 In case you missed it

Trying to decide what HR technology can best support your needs for the new year? Check out our next webinar with JazzHR & 15Five to discuss with us how to Embrace Technology in an Ever-Evolving HR Ecosystem.

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