Track & Approve is a Sapling Add-On module that allows teams to store key employee data in an unlimited number of custom tables, create custom approval chains for data changes, and track all assigned and outstanding approvals in a single/centralized Approval Dashboard.

--> For a quick overview on benefits and how to use Track & Approve in your account, check out this 4 minute Track & Approve walkthrough video.

In this article, we’ll review how to:

  • Create a new custom table from our pre-built tables, or build one from scratch

  • How to set up an automated approval chain for any changes made to the data stored in that table

  • How to track all outstanding approvals via the Approvals Dashboard

Important to note →

  • This article assumes you have enabled the Track & Approve Add-On. If you do not currently utilize Custom Tables to track employee data in Sapling and would like to learn how to add them, please send an email to to discuss adding this module.

  • If you’re utilizing Bamboo HR, Workday, or Namely as your primary HRIS - this module cannot integrate with any of these platforms due to their current API limitations [February 2021].

How to add/edit Custom Tables

From the home page, navigate to Profile Setup > Job Details. Here, you’ll see 3 default tables:

  1. Role Information to track changes to employee roles (i.e. department, manager, job title, etc.)

  2. Status to track employment status (i.e. full time, part time, contractor, etc.)

  3. Compensation to track changes to payment detail (i.e. salary, variable comp, pay schedule, etc.)

To create a new table, click “Add Table.” You’ll see the option to either select from one of our 7 pre-built (editable) templates across

  1. Benefit Elections

  2. Bonus Compensation

  3. Certification

  4. Company Assets

  5. Equity

  6. Performance

  7. Visa Status

Or, select “Build your own” to create a fully custom table.

To edit an existing table, use the three dot menu on the right hand side of each table.

How to set up an approval chain

When creating a new custom table, you have the option to set up an unlimited number of individuals who need to approve any updates made to all stored data.

To create an approval chain, navigate from Profile Setup > Job Details > New Table > and turn the toggle to “on” to require approval to any data changes made.

You can assign approvals to 6 role types: Coworker, Individual, Team Member Manager, Requestor Manager, Specific Person, or Specific Permission Group. Assignees will receive an email notification that they have a change to approve in Sapling.

Once the approval chain is set up and a change is made, you’ll be notified via a pop up window confirming that the approval chain is going into affect.

How to use the Approvals Dashboard

Once you’ve set up an approval chain and a change is made to that data, all approvals can be tracked via the Approvals Dashboard.

To access the Approvals Dashboard, navigate from Home > Dashboard > Pending Approvals.

Once in the Approvals Dashboard, use the quick action menu on the right hand side to view approval details (what’s changing, who has already approved, and what approvals are outstanding), or use the mail button to remind the next approver to review the changes.

💡 Pro tips

  • Apply custom tables to Profile Templates to build custom tables out at scale, applying tables only to the relevant Location, Department, and Employment Status

  • If you add a new custom table and see the below pop-up, contact to discuss how to add this module to your account

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