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We’re thrilled to share a couple exciting updates from Team Sapling today:

Quick Announcements

  • Sapling is OOO from 8a-11:30a (PST) Wednesday, 12/9 – We will be offline for a virtual team offsite Wednesday morning. We will be back online answering emails from 11:30a onwards! Bonus: are you running virtual offsites with your team? Check out what lessons we learned from our last one here :)

New Organizational Network Analysis Survey

If you’re leveraging Sapling’s newest Surveys add-on module, we’ve got great news. We’ve added a new pre-built survey covering Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)!

New to the concept of ONA? Often referred to as a company’s “hidden org chart”, ONA surveys dig deep to understand how employees collaborate, communicate, and influence one another to make decisions. For a full rundown of how ONA surveys can help strengthen cross-functional collaboration, check out our Organizational Network Analysis Playbook.

P.s. If you’d like to learn more about how to add Surveys to your account, send an email over to accounts@trysapling.com.

Save time thanks to new Smart Email options

Smart Emails just got even smarter (again)! We’ve introduced three new options for Smart Email templates that give you more flexibility over your employee communications:

  1. Set a default email at the template level. When creating new email templates, you can now decide if you’d like that template to automatically send to your new hire’s Personal or Company email (or both).

  2. Select a reply-to email. Choose what email should receive replies to messages sent from Sapling.

  3. Send your email based on a specific timezone (optional). To best customize the Sapling experience for team members around the globe, select a specific time zone to use for scheduled emails.

Improvements to G Suite provisioning, Profile Templates and Org Chart sharing

  • G Suite provisioning – We restored the 2 character minimum for auto-provisioned G Suite accounts, allowing flexibility for custom naming conventions

  • Profile Templates – Now featuring: default values! Check out our Profile Templates help article for a full list of fields you can standardize with pre-filled values

  • Shared Org Chart - Shared Org Charts now fully match the in-app Org Chart experience, complete with color coding and the ability to filter by Location, Department, or other Groups.

Feature of the week: Bulk Upload

To create or update team member profile information in mass, our Bulk Data Uploader has your back.

Save time editing team profile information by heading over to Platform Settings > Upload Data. Select if you’d like to create or edit existing information, upload a CSV, and enjoy instant updates reflected in your team member profiles.

In case you missed it

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