Sapling is a people management tool designed to help make great hires transition into successful team members. 

As a new hire, Sapling will help you succeed in your new role in four ways:

1. Preboarding

Sapling's preboarding portal enables you to:

  • Learn about your new company's history and values
  • Meet your peers (including your manager, and onboardng class)
  • Complete necessary information for your Sapling profile (such as your personal bio, and food allergies)
  • Digitally sign HR documents

You'll receive a welcome email that will direct you to the pre-boarding portal, where you can complete all these activities.

2. Tasks and Workflows

While you complete your preboarding process, your peers are working through your onboarding program. Typically, this includes between 20 and 40 tasks to help set you up for success. 

Any tasks that require your attention are located on the Tasks Page in your Sapling Profile. Be sure to complete any tasks before the assigned due date. 

3. People Directory and Org Chart

The People Directory and Org Chart give you access to everyone in your organization. 

  • In the directory, you can search for a specific person, or browse the entire org. You can filter your coworkers by team, location or department.  You can also copy and paste your coworker's email address. 
  • The Org Chart provide a unique understanding into different teams and relationships. This will help you learn names, titles and to better understand the company structure. This can be a great resource to find out who all those people you encounter daily are.

4. Time Off

Sapling's Time Off Module allows you to:

  • request time off for the future (Vacation, Parental Leave)
  • record retroactive time off requests (sick time, historical time off)
  • predict time off balances in the future
  • view historical requests and adjustments

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