As an Admin or Super Admins you can view Profile Fields or create new Profile Fields in the Admin section under Profile Set-up.  You can also set Custom tables for better tracking of structured data.

Sapling collects information from new team members during the pre-boarding process and can also collect information for existing team members in the team member's onboarding hub.

Types of Fields that Sapling can collect and store

For each profile field there are four categories in the application:

  1. Profile fields - these fields are shown on the team member's profile, and are visible to all team members.
  2. Personal fields -  these fields are not shown on the team member's profile, and are managed by admins or super admins.
  3. Additional Fields -  these fields can be anything collected or maintained as part of your team member's information. 
  4. Private Information - these fields contain confidential information that visibility can be restricted to certain permission groups.

There are a number of Profile Field types within each category that Sapling can collect and store.

  • Short Text: Free form text option where team member can write their own answers.
  • Long Text: Long free form text option when something may require a few sentences to answer.
  • Multiple Choice: Team member selects one option from a list.
  • Multi Select: Team member can select more than one option from a list.
  • Confirmation: Will ask the team member to confirm a field.

Managing when to show each field

Managing employee data can be tricky and context specific, so we want to make sure you can manage what fields are displayed in the onboarding and offboarding flows (or not in either!).

In your profile field set-up, you can select whether the field should be shown in:

  • The Onboarding Flow - when you onboard new hires
  • The Offboarding Flow - when you offboard team members
  • Neither - which means the profile field is only found on the profile and not shown in onboarding or offboarding.

Where can I see this Information?

This information is available in the Profile section, which will either be completed by new hires during the pre-boarding process or existing team members within Sapling.

Learn more about our Simpler Profiles.

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