Sapling's preboarding portal is designed to provide a consistent and informative introduction into your new organization. Additionally, you'll use to complete any information, such as a document or your personal details (date of birth, preferred name). 

1. Welcome Email

When your company onboards you with Sapling, you'll receive a welcome email, which provides specific, important information about your role. 

When you are ready, click the "Start Onboarding" button, where you'll be taken to Sapling.

 2. Create your password

Once you click "Start Onboarding", you'll be taken to a dedicated landing page where you can create your password. Password requirements:

  • at least 8 characters
  • at least one special symbol (%@#!)
  • at least one capital letter

3. Company Introduction

3. Story Team Page

The Story page allows for the new hire to learn about your company's history, milestones, values, and view the culture gallery.

4. People Page

The People page introduces the new hire to key people for their first day, such as their manager and department.  It also introduces them to last onboarding class, which is comprised of the last eight people to join the organization.

5. About You

The About You section collects all the data and paperwork that needs to be completed.

Front-loading this administration is essential work for pre-boarding. 

It enables Program Leads to ensure that the nw hire's first day is exciting and strategically engaging.

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