Here are the top questions new hires often have:

  1. How do I use Sapling? Check out this article for a full debrief - How do I use Sapling?

  2. Can I change the information I put in later? Yes - everything is editable in the Employee Platform.

  3. Do I need to complete Preboarding before day-one? Yes - the information you provide enables your company to be prepared for your arrival and ensure a smooth transition for you and your new team.

  4. Is completing all my paperwork a requirement of Preboading? The Paperwork section (on the About You page) is optional, however it is highly recommended you complete this before your first day.

  5. What file types do you accept for uploading documents? Sapling accepts PDF, JPG, JPEG and PNG files.

  6. Who do I contact if I have questions? You should contact your Manager, People Operations Representative or email Sapling's Support team:

  7. How will I know what I need to do when? Everything will have a due date and you'll be prompted with any overdue reminders via email.

  8. I've lost my password, how do I get it reset? Head to the login page and click reset password. This is available at [].

What's required for a strong password?

If you're creating a password for Sapling, it has to meet the following guidelines to ensure the safety of your personal data:

  • At least 8 characters

  • One number

  • One lowercase character

  • One special character

  • One uppercase character

  • Not easily guessable (so avoid password, abcd1234, etc.)

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