The Goals of Sapling's permissions structure are:

  • To provide basic frameworks for levels of team member visibility across your org

  • Allow you to build fully customized permission levels based on your needs

There are four key types of permissions in Sapling that cover all your team members.

  1. Team Members

  2. Manager

  3. Admin

  4. Super Admin

Team Members 

This Access Level is the default for new team members and allows them to see their own information, and never see sensitive information for others. 

Examples of who should have the team member access level are:

  • New and Current Team Members

  • Buddies

If a team member is added to the Sapling platform, or removed from another permission level - they will be automatically added to this permission level. 


This Access Level is auto-assigned to team members that are the manager of other members in the platform and allows them see their own information and team member's information.

They can access the information for either their Direct or Direct and Indirect Reports and will have specific controls of this information. This means that you can govern what managers see of their different reports.


This Access Level provides team member's access to the Admin section of Sapling and allows them to see their own information and and/or edit information for other members.

Admins cannot change permissions of other users, but have:

  • Team Members Access plus...

  • The ability to see the activities and information of other team members in your Sapling account

  • The ability to see the Admin Section of Sapling

Super Admin

Super Admins have access to all information and all features in Sapling.

They will be able to access the Permissions section to create and manage people, company, and integration settings.

Super Admins have:

  • Admin Access plus...

  • Can change Permissions of others

How to Manage Permissions of your team?

Only Super Admins can change the permissions of others, and this can be done in two ways:

  1. In the Permissions section of the Admin Section

  2. The Profile Field of each team members under their Personal Information (field name is Permission Level)

If you're looking to understanding different permissions that you can give to your team you can learn more about Custom Admin Permissions here.

Exporting Profile Data

All team members within Sapling, regardless of permission levels, will  have the ability to export their profile data. This is  a requirement under GDPR to have Enhanced Rights to Notice and Access (Portability), so employees can easily collect and export everything without any additional administrative burden (more available here). It is only available for people looking at their own profile.

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