Sapling's partnership with Lever allows you to automatically push hired candidates from Lever to Sapling to start your onboarding process.

Sapling provides a co-branded new-hire portal, automates onboarding workflows and empowers managers with objective-based roadmaps that support new hire success. Learn more about Sapling Onboarding.

Once set-up, Account Owner or Admin users of Sapling will receive a 'Pending Hire' notification when a candidate is marked as 'Hired' in Lever's applicant tracking system.

How to set it up?

Setting up the partner integration requires you to generate an API Key in Lever, and paste it into Sapling.

  1. Generate and Add API Key

In Lever, navigate to Settings > Partner Integrations, turn on your Sapling integration and generate your API Key.

2. Enter your API Key in Sapling

In Sapling, navigate to Settings > Integrations and enter the API key. This allows Sapling to authenticate that the data is real, and should look something like this:

What happens when you make a hire in Lever?

When a candidate profile in Lever has been marked as ‘Hired’, the webhook sends the new hire data to Sapling.

As an Account Owner or Admin user of Sapling, you will receive a 'Pending Hire' notification. From the Pending Hires Menu, you can select which employee you would like to onboard.

How does Sapling then Onboard the new hire?

When you select the 'Pending Hire’, the following pieces of information will be pulled across from Lever into the employee onboarding sequence:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Personal Email
  • Location (taking from `Location' in the Job Posting)
  • Employee Type (taking from `Full time/ Part time' in the Job Posting)
  • Team (taking from `Team`in the Job Posting

What other information can Sapling pull from Lever?

There are several more fields that can also be configured to be pulled from Lever, if captured during the candidate application process. Speak to your Sapling Customer Success Manager to learn more.

The fields that cannot be transferred from Lever into Sapling, and will need to be entered manually are:

  1. Road-Map (onboarding development plan)
  2. Role Permission for Sapling (Employee, Admin, Account Owner)

… these fields are unique to Sapling.

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