Effective communication is at the heart of employee success, you now have two options for integrating Sapling with Slack. 

You can enable Slack to notify users of tasks they are assigned, and give them the ability to complete tasks within Slack. 

Additionally, you can push Sapling events into a slack channel for key stakeholders to review. Learn how to set up the events integration here.

Task notification and completion:

With Sapling’s new Slack integration, it’s even easier to keep your entire team on top of their Sapling workflows. 

Based on your notification settings, you and your team members will be able to receive and complete Sapling tasks directly from the Sapling bot.

How to set-up the Integration?

Here’s how to enable the integration in less than a minute:

  • You must have access to Integrations in Sapling (i.e. a Super Admin or an Admin that has been granted Admin privileges)
  • Go to the Slack integration
  • Click Add to Slack and authorize your Slack account

Once authorized, you will receive a message from the Sapling Bot (this goes to you only).

The Sapling Bot will ask what channel we should notify your team that the integration is now available in their Sapling settings. This is then posted on that slack channel.

What is the employee experience with the Slack Integration?

Your team members will be notified on the Slack channel about the integration, and by clicking ‘Activate’ - they will be taken to their notification settings in Sapling to update to receive notifications via Slack (instead of email).

When they are assigned tasks to complete, Sapling will send these via the Sapling Bot directly to them - this will include who the task is for, the name and the due date.

Your team members can then complete Sapling tasks directly from the Sapling bot - and they will be marked as completed in Sapling.

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