If you’re reading this article, congratulations - you're taken a big step in supporting individual's success at your organization.

1. Log in to Sapling

  1. On the login screen, enter your company email address and password
  2. Click "I forgot my password" and an email will be sent to you so you can create and set your own password.

2. Confirm your Company's Branding Assets

Sapling’s Customer Success team will pre-populate Sapling with your company assets and team member's info.

Company assets include your logo, brand color, key milestones, company values and photo gallery, which we can collect from public sources. You can add or edit these in the application by going to Settings > General.

Learn more about Company Branding Assets.

3. Add your Company Tasks

Sapling automates your onboarding tasks and provide new-hires with a path for success. 

Workflows allow you to manage consistent task management across the organization. This is typically managed by the People Operations team.

Sapling will come pre-populated with some basic activity templates that you can get started with, and you can add or edit these inside in the application.

4. Add your Company Documents

Documents allow you to streamline onboarding paperwork - our embedded e-signaturing solution allows team members to complete legally binding e-signatures on their onboarding, transition and offboarding documents. 

Ensure all payroll, benefits and IP documents are accounted for.

5. Confirm Your Email Templates

Sapling's email templates allow you to create custom templates for new hires, your team member's, stakeholders, and internal team members.

6. Set-up your Team Member's Profile Fields

Your team member's profile fields contains all the fields that will be collected from new hires, managers and system admins. You can create and edit new fields that will be part of the team member's profile going forward. 

Ensure you have the correct permission settings configured by using the visibility settings.

7. Preview your New Hire Experience

In the Admin Section, navigate to General where you'll be able to experience the New Hire welcome.

8. Launch Sapling to your team

Once you’ve completed your test onboarding and are comfortable with Sapling, send an email to your team members letting them know about Sapling and point them to New Hires and Team Members or Sapling Managers for their role-based learning path.

We have found a 30 minute kick-off with the People Operations team and the Sapling Training Deck (available here) to be the most successful.

Sapling can assist in communications and simple one-page how-to’s (for example sending a Sapling Introduction Email) and also directly with Managers.

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