We’re thrilled to share quite a few updates from Team Sapling today:

  • Announcements – Updating your 2021 holiday calendar + a heads up that our team is out of office Friday, Nov 13

  • Smart Emails UX updates – Improved to better support quick insights

  • Profile Templates in the Bulk Actions Menu – Added ability to retroactively assign Profile Templates to existing team members

  • Workspace Notification Settings – Added option to notify specific individuals of a new Workspace task

  • Set Smart Assignment to Default – New default settings option to automatically enable Smart Assignment during onboarding and offboarding

  • ADP International Templates – New toggles to distinguish ADP template types

  • Feature of the week - iCalendar Feeds

  • In case you missed it - [Webinar] 5 Key Areas to include in your 2021 Planning for a Stronger Company Culture

📣 Quick Announcements

A couple “housekeeping” items to share:

  • **Reminder to update your 2021 holiday calendar!** The new year is just around the corner and adding your observed holidays will help your team stay on the same page. Check here for a full walkthrough on inspiring cross-cultural awareness by adding these into your Sapling calendar.

  • Team Sapling is OOO for “Friends and Family Day” on Friday, Nov 13th. Our team is taking a long weekend to spend some extra time with our loved ones, so we’ll be slow to respond to any incoming messages. Looking forward to coming back refreshed and ready to best support you on Monday, Nov 16 🥰

📩 Improved Smart Emails UX

We launched Smart Emails at the beginning of 2020 to help People Ops teams effectively manage and track all communications relating to their programs and employee lifecycle events. We’ve heard tremendous stories of how helpful this feature has been and wanted to give it a little extra polish as we near the end of the year.

Similar to other product-wide user experience improvements this year, you’ll start to see a few visual changes rolling into Smart Emails over the next month.

You’ll still be able to schedule, templatize, review or change the notification settings for all Sapling emails straight from Smart Emails – now featuring a simplified interface and streamlined menu options. Have any feedback on our updates? Share your thoughts in our Feedback Portal.

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 Apply Profile Templates at scale with the Bulk Actions Menu

Leveraging Profile Templates is a powerful way to automate what profile field information you collect from new hires based on their Location, Department, and Employment Status.

After creating a new Profile Template, you can now quickly apply that template to existing team members via the Bulk Actions Menu in the People Directory. Once applied, only the fields specified in the Profile Template will be displayed on that team member’s profile.

✅ Custom notifications to support Workspace team members

Assigning tasks to a Workspace (instead of to a single task owner) is a simple way to allow team members to collaborate on completing their Sapling tasks.

Thanks to our new custom notification options, you can now decide if you’d like task notifications to go to either a) the Workspace as a whole (i.e. marketingteam@company.com) or b) specific individuals within that Workspace (i.e. the Marketing Manager).

🤖 Maximize automation with Smart Assignment set to Default

We’re so excited to see how many of you have been using Smart Assignment recommendations to save time and speed up the Onboarding and Offboarding process 🥳

To make sure you always receive recommendations from our Smart Engine, set Smart Assignment as your default setting under Home > Platform Settings > Global Settings.

🌎 Updated ADP integration to support international team members

Following the launch of our ADP International Template integration a few weeks back, we’ve added additional menu toggle options to support your exact integration needs.

For step by step instructions on how to optimize this integration to multiple/international ADP Templates, check out our ADP Integration Guide or reach out to help@trysapling.com.

✨Feature of the week: Calendar Feeds

Calendar Feeds allow you to sync important Sapling calendar information directly into your Google, Microsoft, or macOS Calendars.

Check out this 1 minute overview to learn how to set up a new Calendar Feed to track everything from Birthdays, Task Due Dates, New Hire Start Dates, + more 📅

👀 In case you missed it

We’d love to see you on Nov 17 to chat about what 5 key areas can help your 2021 Planning to support Strong Company Cultures with BizLibrary!

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