Sapling can sync new hire data with your LearnUpon account, saving your HR, and People Operations team time from manual data entry and removing the risk of errors.

The supported features include:

  1. Create Users: When a user is onboarded in Sapling, they will automatically be created in LearnUpon.

  2. Update User Attributes: When a user attribute is changed in Sapling, the corresponding user profile in LearnUpon will automatically be updated.

  3. Deactivate Users: When a user is offboarded in Sapling, the corresponding user in LearnUpon will automatically be disabled.

  4. Link Users: Link all existing Sapling team members to a user account in LearnUpon based on email address.

How It Works

Setting up the Integration Step by Step

Step #1. Retrieve your LearnUpon API Key

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > API Keys

  2. In the LearnUpon API Setup popup box, you will see a username and password. The username and password in this instance are your API keys generated in LearnUpon.

  3. To obtain your portal API keys navigate to your LearnUpon portal using a top level admin account:


  • Generating a new set of API keys will render any existing API keys invalid, and will break any current integrations. Generate new keys only if you're certain you need them

  • From the primary navigation menu, select Settings > Integrations > API keys

  • If Sapling is your first external integration, generate your API keys to use with the integration.

  • If you previously generated API keys to use with other integrations, use these keys to connect to Sapling.

Step #2. Enable the LearnUpon Integration in Sapling

  1. Navigate to the Integrations > Learning & Development > LearnUpon

  2. Enter your LearnUpon subdomain url, username, and password.

Step #3. Confirm the Integration settings

  1. Review the integration filters and make your selection.

  2. Save changes and that’s it!


LearnUpon LMS is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, Learning Management System. It helps you to deliver corporate training at scale.

Integration Fields

Sapling is continually expanding the number of fields that sync between Sapling and LearnUpon.

  • Here is a full list of Sapling and LearnUpon Integration Fields.

Key Factors to be aware of

Employee & Field Names in Sapling

  • To ensure a consistent data flow, once you activate this integration, we'll attempt to match all existing employees between Sapling and LearnUpon.

  • For the Fields to sync correctly, the naming conventions must match between Sapling and LearnUpon.

Filters in Sapling

Sapling supports filtering, and allows you to identify what users you want to keep synced based on the following:

  • Location

  • Department

  • Employment Status

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