We’re excited to share a few key updates from Sapling:

  • Self Service Uploads - create or update team member profile information from a spreadsheet

  • Google Groups/OUs in Bulk Onboarding - assign Google Groups/OUs to new hires in bulk

  • New permission level for Manager - option to give Managers the ability to offboard their direct or indirect reports

  • Feature of the week - Workspaces

  • In case you missed it - [mini-webinar] What People Teams can learn from Entrepreneur Coaches

⬆️ Efficiently upload data to create or update employee records

We’re thrilled to announce that Self Service Uploads is officially available for use (as always, thank you to everyone who upvoted this feature in our Feedback Portal - this one's for you 🥳 )

Thanks to Self Service Uploads, you can now mass create or update team member profile information by uploading a CSV or bulk editing data directly in Sapling. We’ve also included a series of pre-filled templates to help ensure all of your uploads will be mapped to the correct Sapling fields. (*note: this is available to Super Admins only)

Check out our Self Service Uploads knowledge base article for a full feature walkthrough!

📩 Easily provision Google Groups/OUs in bulk

We recently strengthened our G Suite Integration with the ability to provision Google OUs/Groups for individual new hires. We’ve now introduced that same capability for multiple team members during Bulk Onboarding.

For example: let’s say you are bulk onboarding a group of Marketing Managers in your Mexico City office. In step 2 of the bulk onboarding process, you will now see the option to add these hires to specific Google Groups (like marketingteam@yourcompany.com) or Organizational Units (like mexicoteam@yourcompany.com).

To learn more about how bulk provisioning Google Groups/OUs can help save you (+ your IT team) time, check out our Bulk Onboarding or G Suite help articles.

👋 Quickly initiate offboarding as a Manager

To support flexibility with how existing team members are offboarded, we’ve introduced a new Manager Permission Level option to allow Managers to initiate offboarding for their direct or indirect reports.

To enable this feature, navigate from Home > Permissions and select your Manager permission level. In the “Platform Visibility” section of the Permission edit menu, turn the “Start Offboarding” toggle on.

Once enabled, your Managers will now see the option to “Start Offboarding” in the Action menu on their team member’s profiles.

Bonus: Power up these Managers with Smart Assignment – minimize their time spent in the offboarding process by setting up Locations, Departments, and Employment Status filters on your workflows and documents for automatic recommendations.

✨Feature of the week: Workspaces

Leveraging Workspaces to assign tasks to a group of people (instead of to a specific person) is a simple way to empower team collaboration.

For example: let’s say your Finance team needs to review compensation plans with all new hires. If any member of the Finance team can complete this task, you can create a “Finance” Workspace that includes all members of that team.

Then, when you’re adding a task to review the compensation plan to your new hire onboarding workflow, you can assign the task to the Finance Workspace – notifying their entire team and allowing them to allocate the task to whoever has the bandwidth to complete.

👀 In case you missed it

Check out our next episode of Sapling’s newest webinar series, Sapling Spotlight! In this 8 minute mini-webinar, we discuss what Top strategies People Ops can leverage from Professional Coaches –giving you a behind the scenes look at the multi-disciplinary research approach our team takes when building new features.

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