We’re excited to share a few key updates from Sapling:

🌏 ADP International templates to support your global team

By popular demand and upvoted in our Feedback Portal, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve strengthened our ADP integration.

When onboarding new team members outside of the US, your key employee data will sync directly to ADP’s international profile templates. You can now expect all Tax ID numbers to sync seamlessly between Sapling and ADP, eliminating manual data entry and reducing error when onboarding team members in any location.

To enable this sync, please reach out to your CSM as they will need to convert all existing SSN profile fields to TAX field types. Feel free to reach out directly or send us an email at help@trysapling.com.

🔁 Expanded API endpoints to support ATS flexibility

To integrate Sapling with an ATS outside of our existing partners, Sapling’s public API can help your IT/engineering team easily build a custom integration.

By adding a new Pending Hire endpoint to our public API, we’ve expanded what type of data can be readily pushed/pulled from Sapling – making it simple to push new hire data straight from your ATS into your Pending Hires bay.

To learn more about our public API or how it can best support your ATS integration needs, check out our API documentation.

✨Feature of the week: Buddy Program

Setting up a new hire Buddy Program is an excellent way to encourage workplace friendships, speed up the onboarding process, and make your new hires (especially when remote) feel personally welcomed to the team.

Here are two key steps to support a successful Buddy Program with Sapling:

  • Add a “Buddy” field into your Profile Templates to collect Buddy information at scale

  • Create a “Buddy Workflow” to assign during onboarding that will alert your new hire’s Buddy to all key tasks to complete to support the onboarding process (ex: have a Zoom lunch together, send the manager an update on how the new hire is going, etc.)

To learn more about Buddy Program best practices, check out our help center article or send us an email at help@trypsaling.com.

👀 In case you missed it

Leveraging cross-departmental collaboration is a powerful way to get well-rounded answers to complex challenges.

Join us on October 29th as we partner with our friends over at 15Five and Bravely to discuss Secrets to Improving Cross-Functional Collaboration that will help your team optimize collaboration efforts, no matter what challenge you’re facing.

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