The Platform Settings tab allows you to customize the Sapling experience to look and feel like your company brand.

What can I see on the "Platform" settings page?

  • Platform: for global settings such as timezone, notifications, brand color, holidays, and GDPR.

  • Company page: milestones, core values, culture gallery and additional content that describes what its like to work at your company

  • New Hire Experience: welcome message and preboarding complete notice

Section One: Platform

General Settings

  • Company Name: ex: "Rocketship"

  • Date Format options: USA (mm/dd/yyy) or International (dd/mm/yyyy)

  • Time Zone

  • Session Time Out: For security purposes, you can enable different time to be logout out after being idle.10, 20, 30 minutes, or Never

  • CEO: To enable the org chart, ensure that you list the CEO.


  • Brand Color: must be hex color code. You can typically locate this from your brand or design team. Brand colors are used for emails, and to customized the pre-boarding experience

  • Logo: upload your company logo to be featured during login and in the upper lefthand corner of the platform

  • Company landing photo: this is shown on


Here if where you can set up holidays for your Sapling account. Create a new holiday by clicking "New Holiday", and enter:

  • The date of the holiday (For example, January 1st)

  • The people who it applies to (everyone OR filtered by departments, locations, or Calendar Settings)

On this page, you can choose to either show birthdays and work anniversaries, or hide them. By default, they are shown. If you turn this off, it will not be shown for anyone in the company, both on the Updates Page (milestones panel) or the calendar.


This is where you can opt-in to GDPR platform settings. You can choose to anonymize or delete data after a certain amount of time (1, 3 or 5 years), and can also keep it to certain locations/offices. More info here.


Oftentimes, the IT team may want to add extra security by implementing a single sign on (SSO). If this is setup (through the integrations page), then you can tailor the login experience.

You can choose to limit new hires to login with their SSO only (for example, Okta or Google), both (email address and SSO) and or email only.

*Note: If you have enabled a Single Sign On Integration, you will also need to enable it under the SSO section. You will be able to choose from either of the options listed below:

Section Two: Company Page

Company Bio /About us

  • Write a brief bio about your company. This can also usually be found on Glassdoor, Linkedin or the company website.

  • This will appear during preboarding in the "about us" section.

Key Milestones, Values, and Photos

  • Here, you can add all key milestones, company values, and photos that display your company culture. These will be displayed to new hires during preboarding to get them excited about their new team!

Section Three: New Hire Experience

Welcome Message

  • Add/modify a welcome note which new year's see when they first login to Sapling.

  • Set default welcome profile to show at the beginning of preboarding. Typically, this is the program manager, or best point of contact while new hires are onboarding

Preboarding complete Note

  • Give title (for example: "Congrats! You did it")

  • Add a description to give Nick reassurance before day one. Keep it brief, as its in a popup

  • This will appear when team members complete preboarding

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