We’re excited to share a few key updates from Sapling:

  • Org chart –“View All” functionality

  • Slackbot – New notification for task changes

  • Time Off Reporting – Improved for edge cases

  • People Directory – New “inactive” team member view

  • Feature of the week Bulk Actions

  • In case you missed it – [Webinar] How HR + Managers can team up to create thriving teams

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 View your entire org structure with a single click

Whether you’re seeking insights on your overall org layout, to fuel funding conversations, or to showcase additional evidence to support international visa sponsorship – the new “Expand All / Collapse All” button on our Org Chart has you covered.

Once expanded, click “Share” to create a link you can pass along to any stakeholder who needs to view your entire org (*note: they will only be able to see the org chart, not any of your other Sapling data).

🤖 Get notified of task date changes via Slackbot

As part of our continued efforts to supercharge the HR experience with Slack, we’ve added a new notification to help you and your team stay on top of shifting priorities.

Now, if the due date of one of your Sapling tasks is changed, Slackbot will instantly notify you of the update and provide a quick link to your Sapling account to take action.

To review all of our powerful Slackbot tools, check out our Slack Integration Guide or send any questions to help@trysapling.com.

✈️ Improved accuracy of Time Off Reporting to handle time added back

To increase specificity on Time Off Reports, we’ve updated the way our algorithm accounts for approved time off requests that have been canceled in the past.

For example: Nick the new hire requested time off for July 10th. His schedule changed and he no longer took that day off, and he remembers to cancel the request on July 15th. Now, his time added back is accounted for in the “adjustment” report column – making it extra clear to payroll that he should still receive payment for that day.

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Quick access to all inactive team members

Sapling’s Bulk Rehire feature (a part of our new Back to Work Toolkit) plays a critical role in bringing back offboarded or furloughed team members.

To help you identify these team members, we’ve added a new “Active” vs. “Inactive” tab to the People Directory that easily distinguishes between current and past employees.

*note: The “Inactive” tab will only be visible to the Super Admin permission group.

✨Feature of the week: Bulk Actions

Make mass edits a breeze thanks to the Bulk Actions menu! By selecting all (or specific) employees straight from your People Directory, you can leverage Bulk Actions to:

  • Assign documents or Workflows

  • Request profile field information

  • Change a team member(s) manager

  • Power edit Job Details individually, or as a group

  • Send an invite to Sapling

  • Delete a team member from Sapling ​

Bonus points: use the filters to narrow down the People Directory by Department, Location, Manager or Business Unit to quickly access specific team members.

👀 In case you missed it

HR processes like preboarding, onboarding, regular feedback discussions, and performance management often rely heavily on buy-in from managers.

Join us for our upcoming webinar with Impraise on “Bridging the gap: How HR & Managers can build high-performing teams (remotely)” to discuss best practices on partnering directly with managers to create thriving teams from anywhere.

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