We’re excited to share a few key updates from Sapling:

  • Deep dive into one of our newest features: Surveys

  • Feature of the week: Company page

  • In case you missed it: Re-boarding checklist for furloughed employees

✅ Sapling Surveys: Everything you need to know

As we’ve highlighted over our last few updates, one core piece of our new Back to Work Toolkit is the addition of a brand new Sapling feature: Sapling Surveys. Here is a quick rundown of everything you need to know 😎

What are Sapling Surveys?

Surveys are a simple way to keep a pulse on your team and get instant insight into how they’re doing during important milestones.

For our initial Survey launch, we’ll offer 7 pre-built, science-backed survey question templates that cover the most common survey needs:

  1. 1st week check-in

  2. 1st month check-in

  3. 90 day check-in

  4. Wellness check-in

  5. Performance check-in (open questions)

  6. Performance check-in (measured questions)

  7. Exit Survey

Surveys can be added directly as a task into any Workflow, allowing you to automate the check-in process in the same way you automate all of your Sapling tasks.

To help you report on survey responses, we’ve also added a new Survey tab to our Reporting section. You can customize survey summaries and schedule the results to be automatically shared with key leadership stakeholders.

How can I enable Surveys in my Sapling account?

If you have pre-purchased surveys when buying Sapling, we will automatically turn this feature on when it’s fully launched in early October.

If you are interested in purchasing Sapling’s Survey add-on, please contact your CSM or send an email to accounts@trysapling.com.

What’s coming next for Surveys?

We’re excited about the many additional enhancements we could roll into Surveys next. However – as with everything in Sapling – you (our customers) will play a direct role in guiding this feature forward. We hope you’ll share your own thoughts, ideas, or feedback on Surveys directly with our Product Team through our Feedback Portal.

Where can I learn more?

✨Feature of the week: Company Page

For new hires, being invested in company culture, vision, and values is a primary factor in driving their long term success.

Leveraging Sapling’s customizable Company Page is a powerful way to showcase your mission, history, and culture from the moment a new hire starts the preboarding process.

To add your unique flair to your Company page, head to Platform > Company Page to customize your welcome video, about section, company milestones, and your photo gallery.

👀 In case you missed it

When it comes to re-onboarding previously furloughed employees, we know there are a lot of moving parts to manage to make sure they’re set up for a speedy re-entry.

Check out our comprehensive Checklist for Bringing Back Furloughed Employees to double check that all of your bases are covered for an exceptional re-boarding experience!

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