Sapling can sync new hire data with your ADP account, saving your HR, People Operations, and Payroll manual data entry and removing the risk of errors, while providing a great new hire experience.

ADP Workforce Now is ADP's payroll solution for mid-size businesses. Sapling’s integration with ADP allows you to:

  1. Collect all the information you need for all employee records

  2. Automate workflows, setup triggered notifications, and reminders across multiple departments, locations, and stakeholders, with detailed analytics around workflows

  3. Push new employee information to ADP Workforce through a Hire/ Rehire Template

  4. Ensure key employee information stays synchronized with a seamless two-way integration updated daily at 12:00 am PST

The integration is available in the ADP Marketplace and you can request the Sapling integration in the ADP Marketplace.

How It Works

Sapling leverages ADP’s Workers v2 API, which allows Sapling to send applicants (and key information collected by Sapling) into ADP’s New Hire Wizard within ADP Workforce Now. This then allows an ADP admin to login, confirm and enrich the applicant's data, then complete the new hire in the ADP onboarding wizard itself.

Following the sync from Sapling to ADP, an Associate ID is created in ADP. Each employee’s ADP Associate ID is automatically fetched by Sapling and attached to the employee’s Sapling Profile. Sapling then uses this Associate ID to match any changes from ADP back into Sapling, ensuring key information stays in sync for all your employees.

Setting up the Integration

Data Flow Overview


In order to provision the new record in ADP Workforce, the following information is required in Sapling:

  1. Name (typically pushed into Sapling from your company’s ATS)

  2. Personal Email (required input)

  3. Start Date (typically from your ATS)

  4. SSN (collected from new hire)

  5. Gender (collected from new hire)

  6. Birthday (collected from new hire)

  7. Address (collected from the new hire)

Integration Fields

Sapling is continually expanding the number of fields that sync between Sapling and ADP based on those that become available on ADP’s APIs.

  • Here is a full list of Sapling and ADP Integration Fields

  • Sapling will sync daily with ADP

  • Any changes that are made in ADP to the available fields will sync over from ADP and be reflected in Sapling. Changes are synchronized daily at 12:00 am PST

Key Factors to be aware of

ADP Stated Limitations

Like all software, there are some known limitations of the ADP Workforce API. The key ones for Sapling customers to be aware of are:

  • US879795: Custom Templates (Except the Applicant Onboard Template) are not Supported

  • US1238045: Issue with Posting Details of an Employee Who has been Previously Terminated

  • US905487: Fields not Supported through API

  • Documents: Uploaded documents are managed by ADP's internal doc cloud service and are not fully embedded in the Workforce Now product. Today, only internal APIs exist for the doc cloud, and adding external API support is not on ADP's current product roadmap.

Multiple Onboarding Templates Management

  • Enable US-based onboarding templates to toggle: This toggle will provide the list of US-based templates, and users will be created using ADP onboarding API-V1.

  • Multiple onboarding templates toggle: This toggle will provide the list of all the templates (US-based and International), and the user will be created using ADP onboarding API-V2.

  • When the Multiple onboarding templates (US-based and International) toggle is enabled, Sapling will create the Worked in Country as a Multiple Choice field and populate all the options automatically.

  • For Multiple onboarding templates (US-based and International), Worked in Country and ADP Company Codes (You have to enable ADP Company Codes toggle as well) as these are required fields.

  • ADP onboarding API-V2 has strong validation and ADP onboarding API-V1 has a lower validation.

  • You can only enable one toggle (Enable US-based onboarding templates OR Multiple onboarding templates) at a time. When enabling one option, the other option will be disabled automatically.

Rehiring in Sapling and ADP

  • Rehire must first be made in ADP

  • The changes will then sync back to Sapling (daily at 12:00 am PST) provided the 2-way sync is enabled

  • When these changes occur, updated rehired team members will appear in the Transitions dashboard in Sapling

  • From the Transitions Dashboard, you can click into the user profile and assign the appropriate workflow and documents

Managing Locations, Teams, and Business Units

Often partners are managing multiple field categories in their ATS and seek to understand how Teams, Locations, and Commitments map to ADP. Sapling commonly sees:

  • Employment Status = Worker Category

  • Team = Home Department

  • Location = Location

For these to sync correctly, the naming conventions must match between Sapling and ADP.

Job Titles in Sapling & ADP

  • To ensure a consistent data flow between Sapling and ADP, Job Titles are pulled from ADP into Sapling.

  • This syncing of data is used to ensure that Program Leads assign the appropriate Job Title to new hires. To achieve data accuracy of Job Titles, the Job Title must be listed in ADP for it to be reflected in Sapling.

Multiple Company Codes

  • Enable multiple company codes must be toggled on in order to create the ADP Company Code field and map correctly from Sapling to ADP.

  • Send multiple company codes provided the company codes are available on the list returned by code list API "/codelists/hr/v3/worker-management/company-code-values".

  • When onboarding an employee, the company code can be selected and the ADP company code will be selected based on the values inputted.

  • Be notified about changes in company codes, and update the company code in Sapling.

Sapling cannot send changes in company codes (i.e. for transfers) to ADP and these must be managed manually.

Multiple Applicant Onboard Templates

ADP WFN offers templates for practitioners to start the new hire process. The Applicant Onboard API supports the following templates:

  • HR + Payroll (System)

  • HR + Payroll + Time (System)

  • HR + Time (System)

  • HR Only (System)

In addition, the Applicant Onboard API supports one custom template as long as the name is Applicant Onboard.

Custom Fields

ADP supports custom fields with two current constraints. They must be:

  • Text field type (not numbers, multi-choice, etc.)

  • Set up in the Employment Custom Fields section (not profile or other sections)

This requires custom development work from the Sapling Solutions team and is subject to additional charges.

Manager (Reports To)

The Manager field in Sapling and the Reports To field in ADP will be synced.

To see changes from Sapling to ADP reflected for this field, the person being assigned as the Manager must have the Management Position field set to "Yes" in their ADP Position record.

You can set this value in ADP before or after making the Manager change in Sapling.

ADP Position Record

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Speak to your Sapling Customer Success Manager to learn more about the above.

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