Excited to share a few key updates from the Sapling Product Team:

  • Sapling Spotlight: a review of 2020 product updates (so far!)

  • Deep dive into Sapling’s “Triple Aim” initiative

  • Feature of the week: Company links

  • In case you missed it: DEI on a budget

🗓Sapling Spotlight: 2020 Update

After releasing over 100+ updates to Sapling in 2020 (with many more to come), our team took a moment this week to pause, reflect, and review some of our biggest product wins.

Check out this 9 minute interview where Andy Credbar (Sapling CEO) and Brian Craft (Head of Product) walk through the most impactful releases we’ve launched year-to-date, as well as share a sneak peek of what to expect from Sapling for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

🔮 Sapling Triple Aim: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Experience

To act as a north star metric for all Sapling features moving forward, we’ve organized our upcoming product goals into three buckets:

  1. tools that increase effectiveness

  2. ways to maximize efficiency

  3. strategies to optimize the experience of Sapling at every step

These three E’s form the idea of the Triple Aim – our three-pronged approach to set the standard for HR software worldwide.

If you’re open to chat about ways we can best support your daily effectiveness, efficiency, and overall People experience – shoot us an email at help@trysapling.com to schedule a quick call with our Product Manager to explore the possibilities ahead 🙌

Utilizing Company Links is a simple way to give your team quick access to helpful company resources.

Living directly on your Sapling Updates page, Company Links can be customized to feature any key information (for ex: company handbooks, benefit portals, how-to documents, etc.) that you’d like your team to always have at their fingertips.

The best part? Company links can be customized by Location, Department, and Employment Status – ensuring that team members in different locations only see the links that are directly relevant to them.

👀 In case you missed it

We recently partnered with BreezyHR and NextRoll for an in-depth chat on How to Optimize DEI on a Budget.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to affect widespread, powerful change at your company (no matter what budget you have), check out the recording or our one-page summary for best practices.

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