Surveys offer a quick way to gather valuable people data and keep a pulse on your team feedback.

With this new feature, you can:

  1. Select a survey to assign directly from a Sapling task

  2. Choose from 7 pre-built surveys

  3. Complete the survey from Sapling (in Sapling) or from your Gmail

  4. Review survey results using our New Reporting tab

Survey options

The 7 pre-built survey options that come with V1 of Surveys are:

  1. 1st Week Check-in

  2. 1st Month Check-in

  3. 90 Day check-in

  4. Wellness Survey

  5. Performance Check-in (open)

  6. Performance Check-in (measured)

  7. Exit Survey

Each pre-built survey features 4 types of survey responses.

  1. Likert: radio options with only 1 selection allowed (Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Strongly Agree)

  2. Short Text: alphanumeric text with max 160 characters

  3. Long Text: alphanumeric text with max 2000 characters

  4. Multiple Choice: dropdown of customer-defined options

As you create a survey in Sapling, you'll be able to preview all questions before assigning it.

For a full list of all surveys and their associated questions, reach out to your CSM or shoot us an email at

How to create a survey

You can automate the surveying process by adding surveys as a task into any Sapling workflow.

To add a survey into a workflow, navigate from Home > Workflows > Add task.

In the task window, select the Survey option under Task Content. Select what type of survey you'd like to insert from the dropdown, complete all information and click Save.

Once the workflow has been assigned, Sapling will notify your team specifically about the survey both in-app and via an email notification.

Your team member can then complete the survey from inside Sapling, or directly from their Gmail.

The survey assignee is then able to quickly walk through and complete each survey question.

Important things to note: For Surveys, please be aware of the following:

  • Once you create a survey task, you can't switch the task type. For ex: if you start with a survey task, you can't then change it to a regular type task.

  • Once you create a survey, you can't change what type of survey it is. For ex: if assigned as a 90 day check-in, you can't change it to Wellness type survey.

  • If they delete a task (survey or not), we will delete this task from everywhere – the workflows, team member profiles, and the reports page. You won't be able to create a report with data from a deleted survey.

How to create a survey report

To review survey responses, you run a customized report that you can download or schedule to be shared with key stakeholders.

To create a new report, navigate from Home > Reports > Surveys and select “Create New Survey Report.” From there, select what overall survey or specific survey questions you’d like to report on, and select any additional fields (like name or company email) you’d like to include as well.

To learn more about reports, check out this Reporting Basics help article.

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