With Sapling’s Bulk Rehire feature, you can onboard multiple inactive users at once from the People page with the same Location, Department and Employment Status.

Bulk Rehire can dramatically cut the time spent onboarding and can support up to 100 inactive users per bulk action. With this new feature, you can:

  1. Select previously offboarded or furloughed team members from the People page to Bulk Rehire

  2. Automatically assign workflows, documents, and emails using Smart Assignment

  3. Auto-complete the Profile Template with values that apply to everyone

  4. Receive a confirmation when Bulk Rehire completes

  5. Consolidate Emails sent to inactive users and managers to reduce inbox flooding

Before Getting Started

Important things to note:

  • Make sure you have set up the Location, Department and Employment Status on all workflows, documents, and profile templates (and default values on profile templates*).

  • Historical job details before the rehire event will no longer be editable once you have rehired a team member. This is because that historical data is only applicable to when they were hired in their previous capacity and may not be applicable in their newest role.

How to onboard multiple inactive users

Select inactive users to Bulk Rehire

From the People page, select the inactive users to be onboarded and click on Rehire selected team members.

Location, Department and Employment filters must match for the selected inactive users for this to be possible.

With the Select/unselect names checkbox, you can select multiple inactive users at once for faster Bulk Rehire.

Note: this operation is performed only on the names currently displayed in the page. For example: if you have a list of 27 total inactive users and the table is paginating 10 individuals per page, only the 10 inactive users currently displayed will be onboarded.

Review Activities

On the Review Activities step, Sapling makes intelligent suggestions for workflows and emails that apply to your filters.

  • Under Workflows, you have the ability to review the selection and also:

- Re-assign task owners

- Add and remove workflows

  • Under Documents*, you have the ability to add and remove documents

  • Under Emails, you can draft, review and edit the emails scheduled for Bulk Rehire.

Complete Profile Details

Next, on the Complete Profile Details step you can provision email accounts and complete Admin fields for all rehired team member.

Select the time and date the account credentials will be sent out to the new hire’s personal email address. Use the toggle to turn off email provisioning if this step is not needed.

Fill out all the Admin fields. Any value entered for each field will be applied to all inactive users.

Power editing fields: You can click on the “✎” icon to power edit an admin field and apply unique values for each new hire.

By default, only Admin fields to be filled by the Admin or Super Admin are shown on this page.

Toggle the Show all fields/Only show fields to fill button to display all fields including the pre populated information.

Click the “👁” icon to preview in the right-side panel all fields completed for each new hire.

Click the Initiate Bulk Onboarding button to complete the operation

Confirmation Emails

Once the Bulk Rehire is completed, the Admin receives a confirmation email with a summary of the actions taken and, when applicable, a notification of any inactive users who weren’t processed during the action.

Frequently asked questions

  • How many people can we Bulk Rehire at once?

You can rehire up to 100 people with the same L/D/E at a single time. If onboarding more (ex: 300), break the group into smaller subsets for faster performance (3 sets of 100 each).

  • Can I start, exit, and return where I left off in Bulk Rehire like I can with Individual Onboarding?

No, since Bulk Rehire is condensed into only 2 steps, “save your progress” isn’t available when setting up a Bulk Rehire; if you exit, your progress is canceled.

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