We’re excited to share two product updates today:

  • Official launch of Sapling Slackbot 2.0 commands

  • Opportunity for early access to three upcoming features

Manage your Sapling team time off inside Slack 🤖

The Sapling Slackbot 2.0 is officially up and running and ready to take your Time Off program management to the next level.

Here is a quick refresher of all the new commands that bring the power of our Time Off module directly into the fingertips of team members and managers:

For your team:

  • /sapling request = employees can request Time Off directly

  • /sapling time = employees can check their remaining Time Off balances

For your managers:

  • /sapling team = managers can instantly access their team details

  • /sapling out = managers can view who on their team is currently out of office

  • Approve/Deny time off requests = managers with be notified of new Time Off requests and can approve or deny them directly from Slack

To leverage these new features, your Slack admin will need to re-authorize your Sapling <> Slack integration. To do this in 10 seconds or less, head to your integrations page, scroll down to Slack, and click the “Add to Slack” button on the right hand side. When Slack prompts you with the update, click “Allow” – and you’re all set.

If you need any additional help, check out our Slack Integration Guide or email help@trysapling.com to speak directly to our integration specialists.

A few new features in the works 🔮

Automate your team member check ins with Sapling Surveys

As part of our larger push to best support flexible work arrangements following COVID-19, we’re making it simple to get a pulse on your team no matter where they are.

Built directly into the Sapling task engine, Surveys will automate employee check ins at every important milestone (think everything from 30/60/90 day check ins, wellness check ins, performance management pulse checks all the way to exit interviews) – seamlessly gathering data to support strategic decisions at every step. Interested in early access? Add your vote on our Feedback Portal to let us know or email accounts@trysapling.com

Get visibility into approval chains for job detail changes

Get ready for even more visibility superpowers through the Sapling Dashboard! Often, any changes to data stored in the Job Details tab (for example: team member salary information) require chained approvals before they can be officially updated. Thanks to the upcoming “Pending Approvals” dashboard view, you’ll be able to see all outstanding approvals company-wide as well as take quick actions to speed up the approval process. Interested in early access? Add your vote on our Feedback Portal to let us know or email accounts@trysapling.com.

Upload important team information directly into Sapling

Do you still have spreadsheets of team member data you’re trying to manage outside of Sapling? Historically, all bulk data uploads have been handled by our in-house Customer Success data wizards. Soon, we’ll be empowering you to upload it straight into Sapling, allowing for the fastest possible access to insights on your team data. Interested in early access? Add your vote on our Feedback Portal to let us know.

Feature Spotlight of the week✨

In this new feature spotlight section, we’ll be calling out recent Sapling updates we think have a huge potential to save time and improve efficiency in your day-to-day.

This week’s feature is: Smart Emails! Launched in January 2020, this insanely powerful tool gives you immediate, comprehensive visibility into all communications you have with your team.

Whether you need to templatize all on/offboarding emails, get visibility on emails sent to certain team members, or turn on custom alerts (ex: the New Hire Announcement welcome email), Smart Email has your back.

Best part about Smart Emails? The ability to edit all scheduled emails going out to team members if something changes last minute ✅.

To learn more about Smart Emails:

In case you missed it!👀

Last but not least, our CEO Andy had the honor of interviewing Phylicia Jones (PJ), Director of Global Talent Development at PagerDuty this week.

In this 14 minute mini-webinar, PJ dove deep into all things People Data – sharing powerful insights into what north star metrics, “aha” moments, and key data trends have been imperative for the PagerDuty people team to make strategic decisions. As usual, we were blown away by what incredible customers like PJ are up to and had to share!

Thank you all for making it so easy for us to get excited about work everyday 🥰

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