Sapling made an update to Profile Templates last week to help get you the right information from the right team members at scale. There are a couple of important nuances to this update, so we've outlined exactly 1) what we've changed, 2) who this impacts, and 3) how to update your Profile Templates below.

What we changed

Before the update, Profile Templates were used to capture profile information from new hires during Preboarding. However – once Preboarding was completed, profile fields from all existing profile templates would show up on the team member profile (even if they were not a part of the assigned template).

Now, the template you apply during Preboarding is exactly what information will show up on a team member profile. This makes it easier to customize and store only relevant information for every team member based on their Location, Department, and Employment Status.

Who this impacts

This update impacts all users who rely on storing information on a team member profile that is not a part of their assigned Profile Template.

For example: if you tracked something like “Laptop Serial Number” in a custom table in the Job Details tab, but did not add this table to an assigned Profile Template, you will now need to update your templates to include this information (step-by-step instructions on this below).

How to update your Profile Templates

To update a template, navigate from Home > Profile Setup and select the template you’d like to update.

You can add a new Profile Field in the “Profile” section, or navigate to the “Job Details” tab to add a custom table to your template.

Once your templates have been updated, the Profile Fields or custom tables from the Job Details tab will automatically show up on your team member profiles.

If these fields previously had values filled in, they will also show up once you add them back to the associated profile template.

We apologize if this update caused any confusion and please email us at if you have any questions - we’re here to help.

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