Here are the product updates you’ll see live in Sapling this week:

  • Bulk Assigning Documents

  • Updates on new Slack commands

Bulk Assigning Documents 📑

We’ve been working behind-the-scenes to introduce a new Bulk Assign Documents feature that’s ready to scale with your company’s document signing needs.

You can assign documents to multiple team members at once from the People page; an optional due date helps you track what documents have been signed or are overdue on your Sapling Dashboard Documents view.

Heads up: when assigning documents to team members, you may experience a delay between your “Success!” message and actually seeing the document on the team member’s profile. This is expected as we are now queuing up your documents to maximize efficiency. You will be able to see the documents on team member profiles within a few minutes of them being assigned.

What’s next?

Sapling Slackbot 2.0 is officially launching later this week 🎉

This new set of Slackbot commands will help support your team in two key ways: 1) all employees will now be able to access Sapling’s Time off module directly from Slack and 2) all managers will have instant access to important information about their team.

Here is a breakdown of the new Slackbot commands:

For employees:

  • /sapling request = employees can request Time Off directly

  • /sapling time = employees can check their remaining Time Off balances

For managers:

  • /sapling team = managers can instantly access their team details

  • /sapling out = managers can view who on their team is currently out of office

  • Approve/Deny time off requests = managers with be notified of new Time Off requests and can approve or deny them directly from Slack

Next steps: Keep an eye out for an email from us notifying you when this feature officially goes live. We’ll share step-by-step instructions on how to re-sync your existing integration and make sure everything is working correctly.

Lastly, we had a webinar this month with HR leaders from NextRoll, Blueboard, and Second Measure on How to leverage Personalization to craft a more Inclusive Workplace. There were some really unique ideas discussed on how to optimize inclusivity at scale – so we wanted to share the video recording + summary blog in case you’re looking for some inclusivity inspiration!

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