As we officially enter the second half of 2020, our team has made some exciting updates to our product. For a broad overview of the customer-voted features we’re focusing on, check out Sapling’s Feedback Portal (and don’t worry, there’s still time to upvote your favorites! 🥇)

Here are the changes you’ll see live in Sapling this week:

  • Smart Assignment algorithm improvements

  • Security updates

  • Document Due Dates and Dashboard view

  • Sneak peek at new tools to fuel your Back to Work initiatives

Smart Assignment Improvements 🤖

Thanks to all of your continued feedback, our Smart Assignment algorithm is getting smarter by the day.

To train our algorithm one step further, we’ve added an (optional) survey to specify the reason when you remove a specific Workflow, Profile Template, or Document that was auto-assigned during onboarding or offboarding.

Still looking for ways to maximize Smart Assignment to reduce time spent on/offboarding team members by 50%? Check out our 2 minute overview or our 7 minute step-by-step configuration walkthrough.

Security Updates ⛓

Security of your Sapling account will always be our top priority. To add an extra layer of protection, we’ve updated our existing password requirements to accommodate more secure passwords.

The updated password requirements are:

  • At least 8 characters

  • One lowercase character

  • One uppercase character

  • One number

  • One special character

  • Not easily guessable = no repeating patterns (like abcd1234 or qwerty123)

*note: these new password requirements do not apply if you’re using G Suite or Azure AD for single sign on.

As we were rolling out these changes, some customers found Sapling automatically required their team members to reset their passwords. We’re sorry we didn’t catch that sooner; we know it caused frustration for some of you and your teams and we’re grateful for your patience while we worked quickly to resolve the issue.

Document Due Dates and Dashboard View 📄

Sapling’s Document features can be super useful for managing all new hire paperwork, annual handbook signing, and more. When you’re assigning a document or upload request to a team member, you can now specify a Due Date for that document. Right now, this only applies to documents assigned directly from a team member's profile page.

To help you inspect what documents are open or overdue, we’ve also added a brand new Documents view on your Dashboard.

Coming up next: specifying Due Dates for documents assigned in bulk from the People Directory, and later this year expanding Due Dates to onboarding and offboarding documents as well!

What’s next?

Last update, we mentioned that Bulk Onboarding was in the works. That feature is part of a broader “Back to Work” toolset that will cover 3 keys areas:

  1. Bulk Onboarding - onboarding multiple new hires at once

  2. Bulk Rehire Onboarding - bringing back multiple furloughed or laid off team members at once

  3. Surveys - embedding surveys into workflow tasks or scheduling future surveys to maintain a steady pulse on your team morale

Our goal with this package is to optimize Sapling to support our customers impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. These tools are currently in beta - but will soon be available to all existing customers 🎉

If you’re interested in beta-testing any of these features (or all 3), let us know by emailing

Until next time,
The Sapling Product Team

P.S. Are you interested in meeting fellow People Leaders, sharing your passions with your peers, and empowering an audience of HR professionals? Sapling’s marketing team is currently planning webinars for the rest of 2020...and we’d love to highlight incredible customers like you! Please send an email to with the subject line “Sapling webinar” if you’re interested 🥳

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