Paychex is a Payroll and Human Capital Management software provider for small and medium size businesses.

Sapling can:

  1. Create new employees in Paychex

  2. Send employee data updates from Sapling to Paychex

Documentation for Paychex’s API is available here and a sandbox for testing with sample data is available here.

Setting up the Integration

From your Paychex Account Representative, you’ll need to ask for you:

  • Subdomain

  • Company ID

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

These are then added to Paychex integration settings in Sapling. You can configure which employees should be sent to Paychex by using the ‘Apply to’ filters.

How the integration works

The fields available under each integration are:

Create/Update in all (IN-PROCESS / NON IN PROCESS) cases

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Preferred Name

  4. Middle Name

  5. Title

  6. Date of Birth

  7. Employment Status

Fields for Create/Update when profile in IN-PROCESS state only

  1. Exemption Type

  2. Start Date

  3. Gender

  4. Race/Ethnicity

  5. Tax

  6. Manager

Note, managers must exist inside Paychex first before Sapling can send through managers.

Step #1 - A New Hire is invited to onboard by a Sapling Admin

Sapling requires the collection of certain information to provision new accounts in Paychex. On a new hire record, new employees will be required to complete their First Name, Last Name and Email.

Step #2 - New Hire receives Onboarding Invitation

Step #3 - New Hire completes Preboarding (employee record and paperwork)

Sapling's Preboarding portal is designed to provide a consistent and informative introduction in your new organization, and collect the data that your team needs for your first day.

The About You section collects all the data and paperwork you need for your employee record. Front-loading this administration is essential work for preboarding and enables Program Leads to ensure day one is exciting and strategically engaging.

To ensure data management, learn more here.

Step #4 - New Hire data is sent to Paychex

New hires in Sapling will be sent to the ‘In Progress’ hires list in Paychex.

Step #5 - Changes in Sapling are sent to Paychex

Any changes that are made in Sapling to the support fields will sync over to Paychex.

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