TriNet is a Payroll and Human Capital Management PEO software provider for small and medium-size businesses with over 16k customers today.

Sapling can:

  • Create new employees in TriNet

  • Send employee data updates from Sapling to TriNet

**Prerequisite: To successfully set up this integration, you first need to fill out this form to be able to access your Trinet secret key. Please confirm with your CSM when this form has been submitted. Please note: the turnaround time between form submission and when your CSM will receive the key from the Trinet team can be up to 2 weeks.**

To fill out the form, select: “TriNet Customer” > Enter Company Information > Select “Third-Party Pre-Built Integration” > Select “Human Capital Management” > Select “Sapling” > Select “New Setup” > Complete Officer/Signatory Information > Submit

Important note:

Setting up the Integration

Navigate to the Integrations page in Sapling and enable the TriNet integration.

Specify your Specify your TriNet Company Code, Client ID, and Client Secret. If only certain team members should be synced to TriNet, specify the Location / Department / Employment Status groups that should apply.

Click Save.

Integration Field Mapping List

The fields available in each part of this integration are outlined here:

Sapling<>TriNet Integration Fields.

How the Trinet integration works end to end

Step #1 - A New Hire is invited to onboard by a Sapling Admin

Sapling requires the collection of certain information to provision new accounts in TriNet. On a new hire record, new employees will be required to complete their First Name, Last Name and Email.

Step #2 - New Hire receives Onboarding Invitation

Step #3 - New Hire completes Preboarding (employee record and paperwork)

Sapling's Preboarding portal is designed to provide a consistent and informative introduction in your new organization, and collect the data that your team needs for your first day.

The About You section collects all the data and paperwork you need for your employee record. Front-loading this administration is essential work for preboarding and enables Program Leads to ensure day one is exciting and strategically engaging.

To ensure data management, learn more here.

Step #4 - New Hire data is sent to TriNet

  • The team member is created in TriNet with an “Incomplete” status

  • Once all additional data is collected in TriNet, the team member’s status will be updated to “Completed”

  • Sapling will check for updates on the team member’s status every 30 minutes, retrieving the employee ID once the status is “Completed” which enables all future changes to be synced

Step #5 - Changes in Sapling are synced to TriNet

Any changes that are made in Sapling to the shared fields will be automatically synced to Trinet in real time.

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