Hearing feedback from our customers is mission critical to help guide our product forward. We read and value every piece of feedback we receive.

To make it as easy as possible to share your thoughts, we've built the feedback portal directly into the product. Check out how to give feedback in Sapling in our 60 second video below:

How to share your feedback

To share your feedback, navigate to the help menu in the upper righthand corner of your Sapling Home page. Select "Give Feedback" from the help menu.

Once you're in the feedback portal, the first page will show you a rundown of Sapling's product roadmap. This is helpful to learn what we're currently working on, as well as what's coming up next.

Next, select "Give Feedback" from the top menu. Add a title, your description, and click "Create Post."

On the righthand side, you'll see all of the feedback that your peers have already given. To see if similar ideas have been previously requested, use the search function on the far right. Bonus: if you agree with your peer's ideas, you can upvote them using the arrow ⬆️

After you've submitted/upvoted, use the Roadmap page to follow along and track the progress of your ideas.

Thank you in advance for sharing your feedback - we're grateful to learn what features will have the biggest impact on improving your day to day!

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