The only thing constant in life is change. We’re proud to support the change happening externally in the world right now as we continue to work hard internally to support incredible customers like you!

Here are the changes you’ll see live in Sapling this week:

  • Smart Assignment for Documents in On/Offboarding

  • Job details updated UX

  • New chained approval options

  • A look at what’s next: updates to Security + Bulk Onboarding

Smart Assignment for Documents 📑

The final touch of Smart Assignment was to bring its predictive power to auto-suggest Documents in both Onboarding and Offboarding workflows.

Based on an employee’s Location, Department, and Employment status, we’ll suggest what Documents apply when they join or exit your org.

Updates to the Job Details tab 💼

Within your team member profiles, we’ve changed the layout of the Job Details tab to help you quickly view the most important employee data.

For all information tracked in the Job Details profile tab, all tables now take up the full width of the page (i.e. no more scrolling back and forth to view all the details at once).

Looking for the Change History panel that used to sit on the right side of the page? Click the Change History link to see that full audit trail for your Job Details tables.

This re-design came directly from customer feedback, so thank you for helping push this update forward!

Added Approval Chain Options ⛓

Sometimes you need to get approval on changes to important employee data (ex: salary changes) from multiple specific individuals.

When setting up chained approvals, you now have the option to pick Leveled Managers (ex: your manager’s manager) or specific Coworkers (ex: the Division VP) as part of the required approval process.

What’s next?

Two key updates to expect next:

  1. Bulk Onboarding: Empowering you to speed up the onboarding process (aka onboarding multiple new hires at once)

  2. Enhanced Security: Strengthening our security measures by introducing Two Factor Authentication and Strengthened Password requirements

More on these in two weeks! For now, stay safe, healthy, and as always we’re here if you have any questions.

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