Today’s 4 product updates focus on one overarching theme: ways to leverage automation to save you time ⏱

  • Powering up the Sapling Slackbot

  • Improved usability on the Pending Hires page

  • Xero integration update - syncing approved Time Off

  • + a special announcement on what’s coming next

Powering up the Sapling Slackbot 🤖

We’ll be powering up the Sapling Slackbot with some new commands over the next couple weeks, starting with one of our most common requests. Especially useful if you’re tracking Time Off in Sapling, the new “ /sapling team ” command empowers your managers with an instant list of their direct reports and their current Time Off status.

Coming next: We’re unleashing the full power of Sapling’s Time Off module directly into Slack. Soon, your team will be able to request, approve, and review upcoming Time Off – all with simple Slackbot commands.

Improved usability on the Pending Hires page 📈

If you have large onboarding classes across multiple office locations, sometimes finding who you want to onboard first can be tricky.

Now, you can use the “Filter” option in the Pending Hires bay to quickly narrow down by Department, Location, Status or Manager.

Xero integration update - syncing approved Time Off ✈️

Sapling can now sync approved Time Off directly with Xero, saving you from having to manually enter Time Off hours when you run payroll. You’ll need to configure two additional settings in your Sapling Time Off plans to begin syncing approved requests (check out how here).

What’s next?

Smart Assignment rolling out over the next two weeks

Sapling’s newest time-saving feature is rolling out of beta over the next two weeks. Smart Assignment automatically recommends and assigns key activities to your team members during the onboarding and offboarding processes. Customers in our beta program cut their time on the Sapling Onboarding process in half when using Smart Assignment.

Learn everything you need to know to get started with Smart Assignment in our 2 minute video below:

Product Feedback and Sapling’s Roadmap

We’ve always valued customer feedback and we know you’re often eager to hear what we’re working on next. Starting next week, you’ll be able to both share your own ideas and see our roadmap from your Sapling account.

Today’s updates cover a lot of ground: if you have any questions or feedback, shoot us an email at

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