NEW Documents 2.0 (Beta) 

Following our recent updates to Workflows and Profile Setup, we’ve refreshed the admin Documents page with a fresh new look. 

Currently available to customers in our Smart Assignment beta, Documents 2.0 features a way to easily organize all documents and packets by process type (Onboarding, Offboarding, etc.) as well as by Location, Department, and Status.

NEW Integration - Peakon

Continuing our product focus on integrating with your favorite HR tools, we're welcoming Peakon as a new Performance Management integration! 

Peakon helps you gather employee feedback, analyze it, and provide insights to improve your company in real time.

WINS from Customer Feedback 🙏

Smart Emails Update

Most of the time, Sapling sends messages to your team members’ company emails. We listened to stories from many of you where a pending new hire or exiting team member didn’t have access to that email. 

You can now specify what team member email you want to send messages to (personal, company, or both). We’re confident you can now communicate with your team no matter what email they can access.

Headcount tracking

One of the most common questions People Ops leaders field is “what’s our current headcount?”. We know that giving you quick access to that number in Sapling is a small but mighty feature we can offer. 

We recently identified a unique condition that could result in slightly differing headcount numbers when viewed in different areas of the app. We’ve corrected that so your headcount tracking is truly consistent throughout Sapling.

What’s next?

We’re working on adding more power into Smart Assignment (currently in beta) including expanding our recommendations into Documents and Profile Templates.

Interested in early access to Smart Assignment? Email to let us know! 

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